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    Default Re: Is the fly rod the only game in town for you?

    I have lived in Portland Oregon for my entire life and started fishing as a kid. For almost 40 years, I have used the fly rod exclusively for trout and steelhead. However, i infrequently enjoy a day trolling or plunking for spring chinook on the Columbia River (a few minutes from home) with friends. A fat rich hatchery springer is prized and delicious table fare. Of course, the natives must be released unharmed.

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    Default Re: Is the fly rod the only game in town for you?

    I have all kinds of stuff. Plan today was to wave an 8 at more gar. Weather and winds didn't cooperate so the wife unit and I tossed out some crankbaits and picked up a few white bass while trolling. It was fun. Got chased off by pop up showers with some lightning mixed in. I use whatever I want to make things work. I can jump from a 3 wt bluegill rod, to a 6 for bass, or troll for walleye with no crisis of conscience. I fish.

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    Default Re: Is the fly rod the only game in town for you?

    Although I've done a lot of different kinds of freshwater fishing over the years, in nearly 40 states and several foreign countries, the vast majority of my fishing is of two types: stream fishing for smallmouth bass, and stream fishing for trout. The unifying factor is STREAMS. I will fish a lake now and then if a buddy wants to do it, but if left to my own devices I'll be on the river. I care practically nothing for saltwater fishing.

    And I'm almost completely bipolar. I fish nothing but the fly rod for trout, almost nothing but light baitcasting tackle for smallmouth. I love each equally. There is as much to love about pinpoint casting to visible targets with surface or near-surface lures as you drift down the river in a canoe, as I do in my native Ozarks fishing for smallmouth, and seeing those vicious fish attack the lure, as there is to make all the necessary types of casts and mends and reading water to be able to consistently catch trout in the Montana rivers where I spend about half the year these days. And both are in settings that are gorgeous and dear to my heart, and the setting is as important as the fishing itself.

    I grew up fishing for smallmouth, didn't get into fishing for trout with the fly rod until the mid-1990s. So in reality, smallmouth with casting tackle is still my first and best love.

    Yes, fishing is fishing...but although I can enjoy about any kind of fishing (except fishing for halibut--that was about as exciting as watching grass grow), for me nothing compares with the two types of fishing I'm talking about. And only one of them involves a fly rod.

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    Default Re: Is the fly rod the only game in town for you?

    Still hanging on to all my spinning and trolling gear... I do still occasionally go trolling with downriggers with a few buds, it's a nice change of pace sometimes, but not near the thrill I get out of fly fishing...

    And Ice fishing... well I can't do that with a fly rod

    But everything else has to be on the fly for me.

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