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Thread: G-Loomis Stream Dance rod?

  1. Default G-Loomis Stream Dance rod?

    Hello all. My first post. I live in San Diego. Fly fish for trout in the Sierra's, bait fish for tuna in the Pacific and worm fish for bass in the local lakes.

    I am looking for opinions on the Stream Dance series of fly rods by Loomis? In general but more specifically the 9' 5 wt.

    Thanks for the input.


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    Default Re: G-Loomis Stream Dance rod?

    Hi Karl,

    Welcome to the forum. You must fish the Kern River drainage for Trout if you live in San Diego. Some good fishing there.

    I don't know anything about the Stream Dance but a lot of people like them. I am sure someone who has one will give you his opinion. There are two Stream Dance rods, the standard and the Stream Dance GXL. There is quite a price difference between the rods. You should state which rod you are interested in.


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    Thanks Frank. I do fish the Kern. Have a trip planned at the end of the month. GXL

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgcabs View Post
    Thanks Frank. I do fish the Kern. Have a trip planned at the end of the month. GXL
    G. Loomis makes three "StreamDance" lines. The lower end (~$400) was the "Metolius", the high end (~$600) is is the GLX either "High Line Speed" or "Presentation". The GLX "Presentation" is a softer action versus either the "Metolius" or the GXL "High Line Speed".

    I have both a 8'6", 5wt "Metolius" and a 7', 3wt "Metolius", as well as an 8'3", 3wt GLX "High Line Speed". Personally, having fished the competitors' rods in both classes, I think G. Loomis rods are the best fly rods in either price range. I also think G. Loomis has the best warranty in the business. The G.Loomis lifetime warranty: $50 gets you a new replacement fly rod shipped today standard UPS, $65 gets you a new replacement fly rod shipped today 2nd day air; either option includes pre-paid return shipping for the broken rod. G. Loomis will replace without questions--it doesn't matter what happened to the broken rod. You also have the option to send your broken rod back to the factory and pay $25 to have G. Loomis inspect the broken rod to determine whether to repair or replace, but this last option will obviously take longer (shipping both directions plus inspection).

    In my opinion the only things G. Loomis rods lack is the marketing saavy of Sage.

    Obviously, YMMV.

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    Re: G-Loomis Stream Dance rod?

    Welcome to a forum that I am certain you will enjoy.

    Re: Streamdance rods. MBWCC has done a thorough job of covering the various Loomis rod types, will get to the river.

    Used to fish the Kern drainage in my younger days and am certain you
    will enjoy the fishing as well as magnificent scenery.
    A 9', 5wt rod will work just fine but before you buy one may I suggest you go to a dealer to see & cast them. While there I would recommend trying 5wt & 4wt rods in both 9' & 8.5' lengths. You might find one suits you
    better than the rest. Since any combination is suitable for the area, pick the one that is most comfortable for you.

    Have more comments but don't need to take up the space here. If interested, send a personal message, [PM] or contact me at my email,

    Good fishing up there, keep an eye peeled for rattlers.

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