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  1. Default Wax on your Ferrules... what do you think?

    Question: Should you use wax on your ferrules?

    Answer: There appears to be no solid right or wrong answer to this question. Many experienced flyfishers insist on this practice. Also, many experienced flyfishers insist against this practice. The Winston Rod Company says, "If the wax is applied and then cleaned after every other use on a consistent basis then we believe this can extend the life of the ferrule. Otherwise, the wax simply attracts dust and grime and can actually shorten the life of the ferrule."

    Other folks still roll the ferrules on the side of their nose for a little oil. Is that good or bad? Why or why not?

    So... what do you do? So... What do you think?

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    Ear wax seems to work pretty well..

    Actually, I have never given it much thought. I clean my ferrules after every trip as well as my rods. I have never used wax.

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    Default Re: Wax on your Ferrules... what do you think?

    I have never waxed/oiled/lubed the ferrules on my rods in any way but actually intend to on my spey rod once I get around to getting the thing. The ferrules on spey rods undergo greater stress than those on our shorter rods and thus would be easier to separate if waxed. Because I would also be taping the ferrules, I wouldn't be concerned about the chance that the wax could allow them to separate.

    What I have read about using candle wax describes as both helping the rod stay together and also making it easier to separate. I don't fully understand how this works, but would love to learn more. I also wonder if the wax needs to be applied differently to graphite surface that have a gloss finish versus those that are more "satin" or fairly unfinished.

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    I'm on the waxy side of the issue. The first thing I do with a new rod is wax the ferrules. I use a very hard ferrule wax and reapply a couple of times each season. In the salt, waxing the ferrules is part of my after action routine.

    Its been my experience that waxing the ferrules helps to minimize hairline cracks, scratches and chips that can otherwise develop. I also believe waxing enhances the connection of the male and female ferrules and, when the time comes, the separation of the two.

    Then, too, I am into waxing my rods once or twice a year using a very fine cabinet wax. I believe the micro-thin coating helps protect the rod from stupid antics I am fully capable of. It must do some good ... I can hear the Ancient Fish Gods moan every time I apply wax...



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    If my sections are stuck I just shove the rod in my waders to punish it and they sections usually jump apart and run away......

    No, I do wax my ferrules and think it is a good protection of the sections. I see a difference and have no scratches in the areas that go together.
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