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    weHey all,
    I'm needing input regarding a new rod. My b-day is coming up soon, and my wife is wanting to purchase a new flyrod and reel for me. Bless her heart, right? I have looked at several, and one really caught my eye at a local shop yesteday. It was a Redington Red Fly model, in a two piece, which I love and am accustomed to. I know nothing about the Redington products, and would appreciate any shared experienced you may have w/ this company. I've found the rod on-line and can save a pretty good amount by purchasing it from a source other than the local shop. I did not string it up and try it, but recently did such w/ a few of the other new rods. I'm amazed at the lightness and feel of these newer rods. I fish older fiberglass rods that about 20-30 years old, and do just fine w/ them. But the newer rods have such an ease of casting that....well, its hard to explain but I'm certian some of you understand my feeling and excitement. So, if anyone can help this lover of the "game", please reply. It will be greatly appreciated. I wish you all the very best in life and in the pursuit of "the wet ones". Be safe and responsible. Be happy. Take care.

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    redington is a good company in the flyfishing world. as far as i know there have been very few complaints with the quality of their gear (they are now owned by sage and as such, help sage target the low to medium range of gear in price). i gather my conclusion about redington not by experience but by the ton of fly web forums i read. rarely do i encounter complaints about redington. i do personally own three of their old CT reels which were very well-made.

    how much savings are you talking about between the local shop and the online source? i completely understand the need to save money. i have very little disposable income myself and though i always prefer top quality in anything i buy, i'm forced often to look for the best price. the current economy doesn't help and so it's a tricky balancing act. i ask only because i think it's best to support local shops. is yours a fly shop or a sporting goods store with a diversity of stock? if it was me, and the difference was $10-$25, i'd support your local shop, especially if it's an independent fly shop. too many are being forced to close. but that's a completely individual decision.

    as for comparison between the uncast redfly model and other modern light rods you've cast, there could be a discernible difference depending on which newer rods you've cast. the red fly line is of beginner to intermediate level and that level of product usually doesn't benefit from the latest lightest tapers, design and materials. still, if you're generally using 20-30 year old fiberglass rods, you'll experience a lighter feel with just about anything new off the shelf these days.

    either way, hopefully it'll fish nicely. enjoy it and happy birthday.

    fresno, ca.

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    Thank you so much Eric for the input. It really helps this old man. The price difference is 60-65 dollars, so I'm most likely go online for the purchase. You made a very good point in your reply concerning support, prices, etc. I live on a fixed income, and w/ fuel prices, food, etc....well, every dollar counts. Take care.

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