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Thread: Summer is over

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    Default Summer is over

    So this past weekend I headed up north to what has become a favourite area of mine. This time I took with me my wife's cousin and his dog. We headed up Friday evening and took the time to set up, make a very large fire and enjoy a couple cold ones. The leaves were turning colour around us and we it was a beautiful clear night. We were both excited to get out and do some fishing the next day. I asked him what he wanted to fish for, and he replied that he wanted to catch something big... so pike it was...

    We woke up early the next morning despite a rather late night, got some bacon and eggs into us and headed to a lake that I had fished for a couple hours a few months ago but was eager to get back to. As if on cue as we got into the water the wind picked up tremendously and we pretty much had to go where it wanted us to go. We fished for a couple hours and I was searching for some deeper water and looking for something when I spotted a reed bed in slightly deeper water and my eyes lit up. I inched towards it and laid out a perfect cast with my 9wt and almost instantly felt the hard slash as a nice pike came up and tore into my bunny leech. A good few tearing runs and with a bit of assistance and a bit of comedy we managed to boat the fish. 7lbs and looking tasty, so we kept the fish for a fry up that evening.

    We worked that area for the next hour or so with very little action and then continued the drift down. Saw another two boats on the water as we continued fishing and eventually I worked my may into another juicy looking bed and got stuck into my second of the day. A good fighting 5lber which we let slide back into the water. As we reached the end of the lake began the slow slow process of getting back to our entry point. I was in my pontoon rowing hard against the wind. It took me almost 2 hours to get back and was glad when the fire and food was already cooking. The other boats were also exiting and there had been a total of 6 hard tackle rods in the water, and between them they caught nada. I have to say that I do enjoy the feeling of catching more than the spinning guys, it makes me smile.

    After that we tried to get to another lake but, derspite getting painfully close the road got too deep and too wet for us to continue, so we headed back to camp and decided to exlore the creek we were camping near.

    I had fished this creek once before and swore I would return to it with a float tube as it is so so tough to fish from shore because of all the beaver dams. So I got my tube out and down we headed. My fishing partner decided to use small spinners, and while I was slightly concered about the fish he hooked there weren't too many alternatives at that point. Anyway we got to fishing and it didn't take me more than a few casts to feel the first bite and a couple more to bring my first little brookie to hand. In the following 90 mins I proceeded to slay those little guys... I think I caught around 15-20, I didn't bother counting... and the spinner... 0.

    I offered what advice I could and through a period of evolution I eventually had him rigged up with an indicator, split shot and a fly. I got see him getting bites, but he lacked the feel to set thte hook properly and finished with nothing landed and a couple LDRede... When we got to camp all he could day was that they liked whatever I was doing and I began to explain a little more about fly fishing. That night we had our fish fry and made friends with the guys who were camping at the only other spot in the area.

    The next morning we headed up the creek again, but now the weather had become greyer and colder. The fishing was the same, I slammed fish after fish and my buddy got zip.

    I did everything I could and he knew that, but after it started raining hard and the fishing slowed down for me he decided to head back to camp. So I followed, however if I had know he was going to sleep I would have stayed fishing, oh well... I chatted with our neighbours and made a very large fire (despite the rain)... hours later when my buddy emerged we chatted a bit more and he seemed very curious about fly fishing so I gave him a casting lesson on the road by our camp. It was interesting, but a good start.

    That night it poured with rain and the next morning we had planned to head as far up the creek as we could, but, given the weather and the poor results one of us had experienced I let him pick what to fish for. So he picked walleye. Our neighbours were going for walleye too and they were keen on a lake I had pointed them towards, so we decided to all fish it together. We packed up our camp before heading so that once we were done fishing we could just head home. We got to the water and it was cloudy but dry. It stayed that way as we fished through the morning into early afternoon. Our neighbours were trolling lindy rigs tipped with beef heart and once they found the fish just hammered them. My buddy, well he got skunked again, but took it well... I landed 2 nice pan-sized fish on a closer and a streamer I had tied up. It was a good day but the secret to having a good fish dinner is this. Do NOT plan on having a good fish dinner! So we didn't, we planned on having steak for lunch... and we did, with potatoes and kicking fresh walleye fried up on an open fire, the best way to have it. We ate like kings!

    On the way home we chatted about the fishing and I told my buddy that I will give him a couple more fly fishing lessons, except this time we will be heading to my dugout which I have stocked. I figure a great way to get him to enjoy the sport is to get him throwing flies at 12 inch rainbows that haven't seen a fly since June. So once this rain subsides off we will go. In the meantime he has helped me modify my pontoon so now I have an electric trolling motor attached to help battle the wind...... I can't wait to get it out and test it!! So, all in all a good productive weekend for flyfishing, and working on a new convert!

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    Great story, great read, twfitw. Only four weeks left on most of the streams and lakes here but I'm looking fwd to braving the cold in those year-round areas.


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    Default Re: Summer is over

    twfitw: Great trip report and photos! Congrats on the nice pike and the beautiful brookies! It always feels nice when you can out fish the spin casters! The leaves here are just starting to turn, but you can feel fall in the air the temps at night are falling into the mid 40's and the highs are now down to mid 70' won't be long before winter hits!


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    Default Re: Summer is over

    Wonderful photo-diary. Looks like it was a great weekend.

    Also looks like them Saskatchatoon (private joke) trout love your beadheads!!!


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    Default Re: Summer is over

    This Coloradoan says, "Beauty, eh ?!?!?!?"

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    Now that's a report! Nice job. Great fish too.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

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    Default Re: Summer is over

    Excellent trip! Thanks for sharing.


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