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    Default Broke down and jumped in

    Having been a pond fly fisher most of my life, I decided to jump into the trout side of it. I lurked here for about a month, reading up on various rods and such.
    Well, went down to cabelas and found a Loomis east fork 7'6" in the bargain cave for 222.00, and a TFO finesse 7'9". I could not make up my mind so I got em both. Both a 4 weights and I snagged an Okuma Helios 3/4 on ebay.
    I know both are the same weights, but 2 very different rods. Most of our creeks here in NEPA are small eastern mountain creeks, so distance is not a real concern, versus presentation. I thought the finesse would be good during summer when creeks are low, and the faster action Looomis for spring and higher water.
    Anyway, kind of glad i made the jump. I caught (landed) 3 brookies on my last 3 outings (Bead Head Nymphs). And had 2 very nice rainbows (BWO emergers) break my 5x tippet. The first one was my fault as I am not accustom to the fine diameter line (spiderwire spinner fisherman), but the second time was all me. I wonder if i could have landed him with my small rig.
    Anyway, I want to thank ya'll for posting your opinions on various gear. It helped me in my decisions on my gear while I maintained a meager buget.

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    Very glad to hear youve made the jump. Even happier to hear you were successful. Hope to hear more from you.

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
    Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from bad decisions...

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    Boom!! Addicted!!! I havent fished serious for anything else in almost 10 years....

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    Where are you from?

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    Quote Originally Posted by fishtacos View Post
    Where are you from?
    Sorry I thought I had it in my avatar. I corrected it. I live near Williamsport PA, home of the LL world series. Very quiet area, never felt any recession cause we have been 10 years behind the times....someone said Y2K is coming this year

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    Sounds like my kind of place. I'm right near Warner Robins, GA a town that has sent quite a few teams to the LLWS.

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    tollster: You will learn how to land the larger fish using your 4 wt on 5x tippet, it isn't that hard if you don't get too excited and learn to play the fish smartly. Send Ard (Hardyreels) a PM, he has fished all over PA and can give you a world of advice on where to go and how to fish that area.


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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    I used to think 5X was small, but know I use 6X quite a bit for trout. Depends on the size of the fly really. #18 and #20 flies get 6X tippet, and sometimes
    7X (mostly 6X). Bear in mind that the hook's wire diameter gets smaller as the hooks get smaller, and that reduces the tippet's strength. I try to re-tie
    my flies as often as possible, but did manage to land about 6 nice trout in a row on a #18 BWO dry with 6X tippet in May. The best trout of all finally broke the knot, just a couple feet from the net. For smaller Wooly Buggers and such, I use 4X leaders (#10 size flies). For streamers like a Clouser Minnow, Black Nose Dace, and Muddler Minnows, I use 3X tippet. There's an ultralight fly fishing forum out there, and those guys go after anything with some small gear. I use a 4wt rod for 99% of my fishing, and once the stocked trout are gone, I fish for smallmouth and largemouth. No problems at all.

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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    I like your style. Not sure? Buy both. I am glad you are enjoying your new toys.


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    Default Re: Broke down and jumped in

    Hey there,

    I used to fish your neighborhood a lot from Nordmont and Jamison City right down through the big Creek. Nice area and like all of Pennsylvania I miss those places.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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