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    Default One Cast... Two Trout... Fishing in the Canyon is Fun.

    So after a long bumpy decent into the canyon with my buddies newly acquired jeep…. We fastened our packs and made off in the search of hungry Trout…

    The steep decent into the canyon was a difficult one. But after some scooting, the need for rope was not necessary, but would have been helpful on the hike/climb out.

    We fished Sat evening, Fishing was good. We caught the tail end of a decent BWO hatch… then set camp up in the dark. Lots of wind and even some rain, but we were able to capture a few hours of sleep.

    After some hot coffee and oatmeal, we started our day of fishing. No rain, but many clouds in the sky and very over-cast. Perfect conditions for lots of bugs to be hatched. I started with a double nymphing rig as not a bug was in the air just yet. On one of the first couple of drifts through the first run, I had a fish on, actually, I had two fish on. One on each fly. I have been fishing a long time, and this has only happened to me a couple of times over the years. Typically, one fish will snap the tippet, but this time, because we were chasing some big fish, I had 3x & 4x tippet that held tight. Both rainbows found their way into my night. I will not lie and say it was easy. After getting the first fish in , the second one was no longer tethered to my fly rod, instead it was hooked to the fish in the net. When I moved the net towards the un-netted fish, he would simply swim away. It might have took 20 seconds to finally net the second fish, but it seemed much longer. All the while my buddy whom was too far away to help, but close enough to see the antics taking place, was also close enough to share his laugher with me. Good memories were made.

    The two fish were at least 14”-15” each. I simply counted it as one 28-30” bow…. I think that is fair. That means I won the big fish award for the trip.
    Fishing was good all day long, but come 2:00 in the afternoon it became insane. The hatch and feeding frenzy we witnessed was crazy impressive. We caught fish on at least every two drifts. Sometimes the fish was 15”, sometimes it was only 8”. We were lucky enough to also net a few really big boys pushing the 20” mark. The fishing was so chaotic, that we did not even break out a camera. It was cast, hook, reel in, release, cast hook, reel in release. It actually got a little redundant. We actually left this spot to move up river where the fish were larger, but not as plentiful… Not very often do I get tired of hooking fish… The fish were hammering a top water caddis as well a cdc-type caddis emerger dropper.

    Most of the fishing was a single dry fly. We did do some Dry fly with a dropper along with limited indicator fishing. I also tossed a sinking line for a bit. Often times, after we picked lots of fish off the top, we would go deep in search of the big boys. This worked on a few of the runs we fished. Landed a couple really nice bows that were eating big old stone-fly’s down deep. But most of our time was spent top-water.

    The fishing was still very good when we decided to pack up and hike out of the canyon. As I sit here typing, my quads are still on fire from the hike out. I am no longer as young as I oftentimes believe myself to be. That just means, I should make that hike more often, kind of a workout plan type of thing, who needs the gym…

    Gear: Trouthunter tippets, Cutthroat leaders, Monic Fly Lines, Loon Outdoors, Sage Rod, Bozeman reels.

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    Default Re: One Cast... Two Trout... Fishing in the Canyon is Fun.

    Awesome trip report, thanks for sharing!

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