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Thread: New BVK Outfit

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    I have 2 bvks 6 and 4 have not any problems , the 4 is my favorite TFO is selling the new Axion II with a Case !

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    I've had my BVK longer than any of my rods and I have broken mine twice, but both were my fault. On one, I was casting a heavy Rio OBS WF6I/S3 (which is actually an 8 weight line) in the surf in Destin, FL and a ferrule worked loose. If you've fished OBS, you know it's heavy and it shoots hard, fast, and far. I was making a haul to shoot about 70' of line and it broke where the ferrule had worked loose. I had been fishing for about 40 minutes and hadn't checked it.

    The second time I had it rigged with streamers and another rod (a beloved and dearly missed 586-2 Sage RPL) rigged with dries. I laid the BVK down to fish the RPL and stepped on the BVK like a doofus. It broke the next time I picked it up to cast it.

    But if you treat it like any 300 dollar investment should be treated, it'll be fine. And that's not to say it won't take some hard use and wear. Mine has been in my hand during falls, it has banged around in boats, it has been irresponsibly transported in my car while still assembled, and I could think of others and it has held up great. It shows some wear but that gives it some mojo that only a rod that has caught hundreds of fish and been in your hand for hours upon hours can carry. You just can't abuse it. I've broken all my Sage rods twice too...

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