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    I use both. Always carry water and snacks, tools, knife, small first aid kit, long tie wraps, small towel, and phone in the sling pack. Fishing stuff in the vest.

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    Default Re: Sling bag or vest?

    Well...... where do i begin , im not being sarcastic in any way , i speak from experiance personally only ....take it for what its worth , and maybe laugh alittle .
    The vest is the traditional,old time look , its very functional as well , if you go with a vedt i promise you , youll become a packmule, youll load boxes of flies, as well as everything else you may think youll need and wont .
    Youre back will ach with time ,and shoulders will feel fatigue,
    Sling pack , looks cool , in the magazines and bideos , and practical if you plan what you deem needed things .... i currently use one , after three i have finally found an excellant american made product that is made to my specifications, through the company owner , best thing ive bought ,
    Chest packs ..... hmmm , hold a lot , resemble nice work bench to change flies on or add tip it .... however if you wade rivers a lot like many guys , you cannot see youre feet , and theres the constant pull on nevk , shoulders , plus look like the ď michalin man ď lol

    So ..... my thoughts , if this is going to be youre life long passion like it is for many of us , youre going to inadvertently try a vest , then youll see a chest pack on sale and say , ill try it , But then youll say i really want to try a sling bag , pack and youll get one for christmas , lol. Youll have a arsenal of transport options in the truck and youll eventually settle on one
    Im just speaking from personal experiences and i know many of the guys have all done the same ...have fun, remember theres e-bay. And you can always save things to let a buddy try as well. Have fun. Im sure i confused you lol.


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    Default Re: Sling bag or vest?

    Tons of threads on this already. Itís a personal choice. But vest for me.

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    Default Re: Sling bag or vest?

    For the bulk of my wading, I use one of those vest/pack things, which can hold the current fly boxes plus lunch, water, and a Tenkara rod in case I feel like switching things up. That plus waders and staff is the maximum outfit, suitable for big rivers like the Housatonic. It's a lot of weight in the pack, but it's up on my shoulders so my back doesn't lodge a protest. At least not for a couple of hours. DId I mention the bottle of Aleve I keep handy?

    "But surely you don't carry all that stuff when creeping around brook trout streams!"

    Stop calling me Shirley.


    No, I don't. I have an ordinary cloth vest for that.

    WHat I should get is a pair of stockingfoot hippers. I was clambering around a little stream yesterday in my waders, on a warm autumn afternoon. Oh well, doesn't hurt to break a sweat.

    I carry too much stuff, no question. But I whittle it down periodically, and then it creeps back up on me.

    That's life.

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    Default Re: Sling bag or vest?

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    I've tried them all and I used to be a vest guy but it's just too bulky. Bought a cabelas hip pack for $30 and I've never looked back. Keeps everything I need and I slide it around the back and I have nothing on my chest. Only down side is my net gets pulled by the current and fills up with leaves during the fall but it's a small price to pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winstonwt View Post
    I have both a sling bag for my streamer fishing and a waist pack for all the other times.I got rid of the vest a long time ago,too much strain on the shoulders.As for my net I slide in between my back and waistpack.
    Interesting. I found the sling to cause horrible shoulder fatigue as it rides on one shoulder, followed by a vest. I wear a vest(Wasatch) during the summer months and it has a built in camelbak. Water is heavy, the source of my shoulder fatigue. In winter I have a waist pack(Older Waterdance style), zero shoulder fatigue(obviously) but limited in volume.

    Of course all this depends on how long you're out fishing. For me a day is dark to dark and an easy day is noonish(not even a word,lol) til dark. Less than that and I just grab the waist pack and a box as I'm not going to experience multiple hatches.

    As a backpacker/hunter/fisherman there is no such think as a perfect pack. My adventure decides what I need throw on my back.
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    Default Re: Sling bag or vest?

    As others have said this is a personal decision, and there are no wrong answers. For a newbie to fly fishing, I'd say start with something cheap and just get out there. You will start to figure things out for yourself, and determine what works for you.

    Personally, I use both. If I will only be fishing for an hour or two, I usually just throw a box or two of flies in my sling back and a bottle of water (also have other essentials, such as tippet, hemostats, a few split shot, nippers, etc). If I will be gone for a full day hiking up river, I usually use a camelbak style backpack for hydration, which I also fill with food, extra clothes, and other stuff. In this case, I'll usually wear my vest.

    Trout fishing in the hot summer months isn't really a thing where I am from, so the heat is not a big issue. It can be tiring lugging that stuff around, but if I am gone from sunrise until almost dusk, I like having lots of water, food, and extra clothes just in case. In the sticky summer months I am usually wet wading or fishing from a canoe for Bass, and that is a whole different game-ball.

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    This is very much a personal decision, as many of the posters have said, and the only way to know is to try different alternatives and see what suits you. I think most new fly fishermen tend to over-buy.

    For me, my Simms sling pack gets used most, although I do use my vest occasionally also.

    The best advice in all of these posts, as far as my meager opinion matters, is those who have advised that minimalism is ultimately the best way to enjoy a long day of fishing. Once you know how little you actually need to fish efficiently and effectively, it will make choosing between different bags and vests a lot easier. In addition to my Simms sling pack, I sometimes use a very small Fish Pond chest pack that I actually wear more like a sling. Many times it is enough, when I only need a few flies, a little tippet and a few tools - especially for shorter days

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