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    Default Re: Any One Taking Glucosamine For Knee Pain?

    Quote Originally Posted by deceiverbob View Post
    I gave it to my dog, an old Chesapeake with a bad hip. I gave it to her for about 6 months and didn't notice a difference, but when I ran out and didn't pick any up for a few days she definitely looked worse. The effects were subtle but the glucosamine-chrondroitin supplements did seem to help her.
    Your dog may be exhibiting a false limp (habit) when on the medicine and when taken off the real pain started again. I have noticed both of my dogs do that after an injury, limping for several weeks and refusing to run. But after enough time to heal they continued to limp until they saw something of interest and without hesitation took off in a full

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: Any One Taking Glucosamine For Knee Pain?

    I've taken it for awhile and can't say it helps but it can't hurt in my opinion... I take the Kirkland brand that can be purchased on Amazon after reading a report consumer reports did measuring the dosages etc of various brands and identified Kirkland as the best...

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    For any Arthritis, bad joints, finger or wrist pain, torn rotator cuff, Lyme disease or any other inflammation related pain try In-Motion CBD lotion (It used to be called In-Spirit).. It has been a life saver for me and it works almost immediately.. I have had more than an active life, actually about 10 life times and have recently had to deal with bone on bone inflammation resulting from an ankle I sheared off about 35 years ago.. Finally, all the cartilage and soft tissues that buffers the joint in the ankle from bone on bone rubbing, is gone.. In short, I need a full ankle replacement.. I just don't want to stop fishing to get it done. In the mean time my ankle swells every day and every night... Through the use of this cream, 2 - 3 times a day, I am able to walk and more importantly stand, hike and wade while fly fishing full blast with little to no swelling. This minimization of swelling has removed about 85% of the pain which is a gift. The same will apply to your knees. It works for about 80+ percent of the folks I have turned on to it.

    Additionally, I use a Podiatrist custom made sports orthotic in my daily walking shoes and boots (Unless I am wet wading). I have changed my daily use shoes to the incredible Bondi 5 running shoes from Hoka. These are not like the old style running shoes rather they are brilliantly cushioned and angled for maximum efficiency. I also now wear some water proof sandals and boots from Hoka and Soft Science as well when fishing.. Again, life changing for the pain I figured I would just have to live with. These are not cheap but maintaining your feet is one key to easing pressure on the rest of your body including the knees (I have had both of my ACL's replaced). Sadly, My much beloved various Sandals and Flip flops I have worn most of my life may be a thing of the past, at least as daily wear, as I can tell my joints hurt more at night and possibly the next day when I use those sandals all day. Most of my body has been broken and put back together so pain has been a standard for me.. It almost seems as if my job was and is finding ways to ease the pain in my body as often and as quickly as possible so I can continue fishing the way I want to fish. The In-spirit has been amazing.

    Finally, I try to sit, walk, cast, wade, work out, fish, etc. while maintaining a proper posture. Proper body mechanics in all aspects of my life really, really help and really works in keeping me fishing for weeks at a time. My body will tell me when I do any of those things out of proper alignment almost immediately with some level of pain or joint/muscle exhaustion. No doubt keeping weight at a proper level is another key but that gets harder to do every year (Yes, that is a poor but reasonable stab at an excuse for being 10 - 15 pounds overweight). Hey, I can say no to anything but temptation.. AS A NOTE: I almost always lose weight when I fish..Perhaps I should get a prescription.

    Best of luck

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