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    Do they make fly assortment packs for Bass? As you can see from my post count I'm brand new to forum. I'm also new to the sport and looking for a beginner combo fly kit to get the most used flies for bass.

    I was thinking an assortment of

    Wooly buggers

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    Just realised it should been title bass flie combo or something like that

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    Default Re: Bass fishing gear

    There are assortments offered for bass, and frankly, bass are not often particular, so many flies will work well.

    I'm a long time fly flinger & bass angler, and I rely heavily on older styles, but also like to experiment with various flies.

    When targeting bass I always carry Lefty's Deceivers, Seaducers, Clouser Minnows & Half & Half's, Rabbit strip flies of different types, poppers, Gurglers, and all in various sizes. However, I also tend to use much larger flies than many folks use.

    These are all styles, and not specific patterns, and will cover the water column very well. Generally, I tie them in "generic" color schemes that will imitate many things that bass will eat.

    My suggestion to you, is contact the member here, hairwing530. His name is Jerry, and he ties flies & sells them to support a group of kids with serious illnesses. Jerry's a long time member here & has a very good reputation & following of folks who buy & use his flies. You won't go wrong with what he might suggest or the quality, & his prices are extremely reasonable. Besides, he's also and all around great person who has a huge heart & it supports a great cause. Hard to put a price on that!
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    I think you are spot on with Wooly Buggers. Every small mouth I caught this year (IL and MI) was on a black Wooly Bugger. If you tie your own, I found it works very well to wrap tungsten wire around the hook shank so they sink quickly. I have also added some crystal flash in the tail, but I am not convinced that it makes a difference.

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    Default Re: Bass fishing gear

    Bigjim gave a pretty good example of the types of stuff to throw. I also like EP minnows, bluegill patterns, and heavier bucktail/rabbit strip combos that look like a traditional jig n pig. (Dumbbell eyes vs jig hook) Normally in sizes 4 thru 1/0 with 3/0 sometimes. I didn't tie on a topwater all year.

    One thing that would help is a location and style. I can comment on LM in dirty water lakes in OK. I would be of no help on clear NE smallmouth streams.

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