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im new to this forum stuff that is why i sent two out. but thank you all for the good info on the fishing. you have no idea how much it helped.

as for saltwater can anyone tell me a good rod set up? right now i have a 9' gloomis graphite rod and a bauer reel. its been a while since ive gone. and i know that my rod wont last in the ocean. any suggestions if you all have any?

but as for the all the info it really was good stuff. thanks again and good fishin to yall.

Hey Taylor, really listen to Doooolan's advice (except for the advice about his and hers, they are a awesome shop, Grace is all knowing, but their are good fly shops in San Diego, Strouds (but barely ever open because of age of owners), San diego fly shop (think by seaworld), also have a new shop north in temecula.

But the closest trout for you would probably be the san Gabriels, what people call the "forks", as in "I hit the east fork yesterday and caught a beautiful 6 incher". I think the east and west fork of the san gabriel is why Sage made the txl 000 weight (just a joke for you LA people.).

You really dont have to go all the way up to kernville to find trout, and if you are going to go all that far go up to the eastern sierra's and hit up the lower owens, upper owens, hot creek, and east walker. If you lake lake fishing twin lakes has potential state record trout, and you can have a 10 fish day of 16 to 25 inch fish on lake crowley.

Oops, I take that back about twin lakes. Just verified it in google using words state record trout twin lakes california and the first post was about someone catching the state record brown from their, so it doesnt have the potential state record, it has the state record! 26 1/2 pound brown. I looked up lake crowley's record brown trout and it was 26 pounds. That is a native btw, not a triploid.