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  1. Default Good starter outfit?

    Here is an outfit Cabela's is offering right now. Would it make a good starter outfit? The price is pretty good at 99 bucks.

    Cabela's Combo deal

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    I went through the same process a few months ago. Price/valuewise, I do not think that you can go wrong with this outfit. The line and flies alone would cost you a good $50 (the line being what most people recommended to me). The case costs ~ $25 and the rest of the gadgets another $15, at least. Having said that, what this probably means, since Cabela's is in the business of making money, is that the rod is not the best. The reel is a line-storing device in most freshwater (I am assuming freshwater here) situations, so quality is not really an issue. The rod, however, along with the line, should be of the best quality you can afford (and this does not mean to throw your yearly salary on it). Most likely, you will need to upgrade a few of these components soon after buying this combo. If the rod breaks, well you only spent $20 to 30 max on it. But if you end up replacing the rod, you are looking at over $200 outfit.

    Also notice that the 4 pc outfit in 5, 6 and 8 wt is $160 in 9' and $110 in 8' 6" (5wt). A 4 piece outfit makes it easier to carry on a plane if you plan to travel with your outfit. For $160 you are almost in the TFO NXT price range. I believe that you can buy this with your $10 off at the Fly Creel for $164, including free shipping. The rest you can buy little by little. Remember you may also want waders.

    The problem of these outfits is that someone other than you makes the decision of what you need. Because I did not want Cabela's to make the choice for me, I ended up buying a TFO pro and a cheap Pflueger 1556 reel (spooled) on ebay. The rest of the items I bought over a 2 month period. I love what I bought and have no complaints but would buy something slightly different today (TFO finesse).

    Perhaps others with more experience than me can suggest something else.

    I hope that this helps,


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    By the way, whatever you end up doing, I hope that you enjoy fly fishing.


  4. Default Re: Good starter outfit?

    Thanks for the tips.

    I do have an old South Bend rod/reel combo I got at a big box store about 15 years ago. Need to get some new line for it, but it will get me going. Just looking for something a bit better than what has been gathering dust for the last decade.

    I will be fishing for trout as well as pink and coho salmon. Figure the biggest fish I hope to hook into will be 8 pounds. Been bait fishing as well as dipnetting for years, but fly fishing has always been on my mind as I found it really relaxing last time I tried.

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    Default Re: Good starter outfit?

    Hi bilder,

    Take a look at this post. It will give you something to think about.

    I didn't see your comment about pink's. A 8wt rod is a very good choice for Alaska. It is good for every thing but King Salmon.


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