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scottisko0L 06-24-2008 06:27 PM

The Eye on my rod is coming off.
i need help. i have a browning silaflex 5 wt that my grandpa gave me and ive been using it alot and my 2nd eye from the bottom is coming unwrapped.

is there any products i can buy to fix it or wat should i do.

its an old good rod and i just dont wanna tape it.

Frank Whiton 06-24-2008 06:56 PM

Re: The Eye on my rod is coming off.
Hi Scott,

Since you live in California you should be able to locate a fly shop that does repairs. Ask your fly shop if they know someone that makes custom rods. They should wrap a guide for you pretty cheap. One problem. If one guide is coming loose you may have other guides that might fail. It may be time to have the rod completely re-wrapped.

Another option is to wrap the rod your self. It is not hard and with a little practice you can fix the guide yourself. You can do it with no equipment but a a spool of thread, a brush and some finish.


Greenwood 06-24-2008 07:43 PM

Re: The Eye on my rod is coming off.
Ahhhh...yes; that was MY first rod too! I still have it; my youngest son started out on it as well!

scottisko0L 06-25-2008 02:33 AM

Re: The Eye on my rod is coming off.
thank you frank

ezamora 06-25-2008 02:54 AM

Re: The Eye on my rod is coming off.
it's a relatively easy fix if you have the materialsa and handy with small work like that and with the desire to learn something new. i can also try to put you in touch with a rod wrapper if you can't find a shop close by. where in california are you located? i'm in the central valley and might even be able to help you directly. for one guide (is it a stripper or snake guide?) you don't need a wrapping stand and could get by with just a cardboard box as a stand and dryer. if you were to do it yourseelf, it could take about... 1-2 hours, then overnight drying once you apply the thread finish.

since it probably has sentimental value, it would pay to do it right and not a quick fix like clear fingernail polish over the remaining threads.

fresno, ca.

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