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Thread: Casting class

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    Default Casting class

    I took my first casting class on Sunday.

    First, the guy who was my teacher was a fella by the name of Allen Campbell, in Berkeley Springs, WV. He has a website. Google Shenandoah Streamers. He was informative, easy to talk to, and patient. He was certified under Joan Wulff. He grew up right in the shadow of Harry Murray's place. I would definately recommend this guy to anyone wanting to take a class.

    I took my St. Croix Imperial 9ft. 5wt. After we spoke of lines, leaders, tippets, and such, he had me casting. After years of throwing an open-face bass rod, I really, REALLY had to learn all over again. I threw his Scott G in 9ft. 6wt. As he put it, it melted in his hands....and mine, too. After I got a little consistency, he put me back on my St. Croix. It felt like a telephone pole with its fast action. It actually helped me to start on the Scott and then move to the St. Croix. I really understand now what it means to cast a rod before buying it. The difference was world's apart.

    We stopped for awhile and talked entomology (sp?). Then, it was back out for more casting. I worked on the shooting and roll casting. I got the very basics down enough that he pronounced me decent enough to just need practice. THEN, he showed me his 6ft. 3wt he called Pee-Wee. I don't know what it was, but this guy was throwing 75-80ft. easily. He let me cast it and it was a willow branch next the St. Croix.

    This leads to my next question: I've been bouncing around the idea of getting a 7ft, 3wt for some time for panfish. My budget is slim, so I don't want to get the Scott G that Allen has (although I've found a plethera of them on a site), I was thinking more of the Series One by TFO. Anyone have any opinions on this? Anyone used one?
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    Default Re: Casting class

    Sorry Axel, but I have no experience with that rod,

    I have to say though, your casting instructor sounds like a great teacher, and a wonderful knowledge source. Become good friends with this fella.

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    Default Re: Casting class

    Hi axle,

    You confirm my position that it is best to take lessons before buying a rod. I think this is the best advise you can give to a beginner. Unfortunately many people can't afford lessons or they just jump in with both feet and make mistakes like the rest of us did. You have drastically reduced your learning curve and will be enjoying success very early in your fly fishing career.

    I have not cast or even seen the Series One TFO rods. I do recommend the Professional rod and have never heard any complaints. I don't see the Series One rod on the TFO web page anymore. It may have been replaced with the Signature Series. I don't think you will find a bad casting rod in any of the TFO rods. They are a bit heavier than some rods but that is the compromise of getting a good casting rod at a low price.

    A 3 wt rod is a dandy weight rod for pan fish. It is not a good rod for big bass if there are any in the water you are fishing. I think you will be disappointed in a 7' rod for pan fish. A longer rod will make it easier to roll cast. It will also be easier with all cast for a beginner. A 7' 3wt rod is a very specialized rod and I think a poor choice at this time in your fly fishing career. I think you would be much happier with an 8' 3wt. But that is just my opinion.


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    Default Re: Casting class

    Echo makes a nice 3wt rod/7'3"....Very good price point also...


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    Default Re: Casting class

    Thanx to all of you. This is exactly why I did not go out and put alot of money into equipment. I just got the St. Croix and a Ross Flystart with backing/Flyline/leader pre-spooled. I wanted to take the class and see how it went. If I hated it, I wasn't out alot of money. I'm jacked, though.

    Thanx for the advice on the 3 wt. This is the rod combo I was talking about:

    Cabela's -- Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh Series One Fly Rods and Combos
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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