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Thread: polarized sunglasses

  1. Default polarized sunglasses

    im lookin to make my first purchase of a good pair of polarized sun glasses... i wear regular glasses so i bought these walmaart polarized sunglasses that fit over my normal glasses, but im going over to contacts, and want a good pair.

    ill be fishing freshwater mostly rivers and streams... so amber is the best color ive heard?

    i was also lookin at a pair of costas, just lookin for some feedback... anything else out there that performs noticably betteR?

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    Default Re: polarized sunglasses

    fly baller

    I've never tried the Costas. I've had three pair of good polarized glasses over the last 20 yrs. Revos H2O, Action Optics, and now a new pair of Oakley Half Jackets with the fishing specific lenz. I liked all but the Revos. My new Oakleys have performed well on the flats of Key Largo and the rivers of Wyoming. My old Action Optics did well on the river but did not perform well on the flats. I should mention my Action Optics are 12 yrs old so the lenz treatments are probably out of date by todays standards. Overall you should get the glasses you think look good and have a good rep for performance.
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    Costa Fathom glass for the money..check out ebay!!!

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    Default Re: polarized sunglasses

    I would suggest, first & foremost, that you check the fit before you buy them. If mail-order, make sure you have return-for-full-credit-no-questions-asked privileges. Eyeglasses are as hard to fit as any clothing item I can think of, and it can be maddening to have a bad fit. After all, the last thing a sunglasses user wants is to be constantly distracted by fit problems when the first order of business is fly-fishing, driving, etc.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Costa Del Mar Fathoms here as well, comfortable and excellant warrenty.
    When they say life time they mean it! I've had 2 pair for about 8 years now and have used the warrenty 3 times (replaced scratched lenses which was my fault for $15), and have replaced worn out temple limbs twice now. Yes, there is a 9.95 fee for all repairs but that beats forking out $$$ for another pair and in most cases you'll pay more than that as S&H when you order from anyone else. Good luck!

    Just wanted to add that I wear the same pair to work EVERY day, all day long.

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    Default Re: polarized sunglasses

    Hi fly baller,

    All of the major brands are making some terrific glasses these days. I don't think you will go wrong with any of the main vendors. They are all getting their Lenses from the same sources.

    I suggest that you look at Oakley's. They are a sponsor of the forum and it is always best to buy from a sponsor if possible.

    The comment about fit is very important. I spent four hundred dollars on a pair, not Oakley's, and I don't like them. I don't like how they fit and I don't like the lens color. I have vision problems and glasses are critical to me.


  7. Default Re: polarized sunglasses

    cool thanks all for the comments... are the 580 glass lenses worth the extra 50$ or so over the 400 lenses? is their a noticable difference?

  8. Default Re: polarized sunglasses

    Fly baller, Lefty will have to answer that one, my Fathoms have the CR 39 lenses. Maybe a bit lighter but I really can't attest to that either.

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    I use some titanium framed Serengeti's , yet haven't used them at FF so can not vouch for their practicality there....but IMHO they are great....

    I am also looking at Oakleys for some wrap around polarized sunglasses for FF, but would like them to be drivewear ....bit I have not heard any feedback on the usefullness for those at FF, anyone?
    Would Forumusers by any chance get a discount on the sometimesabhorrent prices for Oakley?
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    Default Re: polarized sunglasses

    Hi fly baller,

    The best lens material is polycarbonate. It is lighter, it can be thinner and has the best impact resistance. Impact resistance is very import if you are throwing split shot or weighted flies. You will like it a lot better than CR-39 especially if you have a prescription.


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