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Thread: Rod Length

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    I have buying a TFO Pro pretty soon as my first fly rod and was wondering about fly rod length. I know that 9' is the norm but with the streams i fish would a 8' 6'' be better. I fish in Pennsylvania, streams are Spring Creek, Bald Eagle, Black Moshannon. But with 6 mile run up there that is very tight and woody i was thinking a little smaller rod would be good.

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    Nine foot rods are indeed something of a standard, because they cast and mend long distances, but in graphite are still light enough for all-day use. However, many smaller streams and fly presentation situations are better covered with shorter rods. I prefer 8 1/2' rods for dry fly work even in the open, because they save energy over the course of a day. When the trees and bushes gather close, rods as short as six feet are practical. My current favorite small-stream rod is 7 1/2'

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    Yup, 9ft is the norm...though it seams that when you get to the 9wts or bigger and in a saltwater rod you end up with a longer rod. As well as going to smaller wts like 1 or 2, they are much shorter. All the 1 2 and 3wts I've seen have been in that 7ft range.
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    When I lived outside Philly i use an 8' 3 wt and a 7' 6" 7 wt. The shorter rods were great for working your way through the brush on the small creeks. Unless you are going to be on big open water some of the time I would recommend choosing a shorter rod.

    Now that I live out west I use my 9' rods all the time. Bigger fish and bigger water call for longer rods. Every now and then I find a small creek where I can bring out the short rods. But most of my time is spent with my long ones.
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    Fishing every stream with the same rod is like trying trying to play every hole on a golf course with the same club.

    A nine footer will be too long for some applications and a seven footer will be too short for others. Being rod length has little, if anything to do with casting distance and everything to do with mending and line control I would select a rod that is best for the waters you fish regularly and not the ones you might fish. An 8 1/2' would probably fit your streams and give you something still usable on smaller water.

    If you can go for two rods, go with a 7 1/2' and an 8 1/2' or 9'.
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    Sounds like you would be more comfortable with an 8.5" rod, go for it.
    It will do anything a 9' will & probably be more practical for the Eastern
    waters you fish. If you get on a large river it will right at home. I'm with N'Mac prefer 8.5' for dries on any river.

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    I agree with Joe D in that it really takes more than one rod to meet all the obstacles a person could run into in various fishing situations. I usually fish in different states and encounter many different situations. I will take with me several rods which I feel will work in the areas I will be visiting. The type of fishing I will be doing will also determine the rod(s) choice.
    Also, longer rods can be a benefit if you are doing more short cast and or reaching. When in small stream situations with little casting room, and I am going to cast, I may use a shorter rod or change my casting stroke. If you are going to try one rod, buy the rod you can handle the best. I think most people would agree that the purchase of one rod is usually the beginning of filling your golf opps I mean rod bag.

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