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Thread: I am beginner

  1. Default I am beginner

    Hello, I am a beginner on this site.
    Will you Provide me the valuable knowledge about The North American Fly Fishing.

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    go ahead and ask a question

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    Make sure you take all your waste monofilament home with you and don't drop it in the water or on the bank. Also, use barbless hooks. Practice catch and release. We'll all get along.

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    well being new once on here too, I would suggest asking away on anything you need or wanna know. also feel free to search using the search button at the top right. sometimes I can find great flies and stuff for certain fish just by typing in best smallmouth flies just for a example. I have prolly learned
    70 percent of what i kno about fly fishing from this site! I would also suggest letting us know what setup ya got if ya got one. what you are fishing for. where you are fishing. just basic knoweldge about yourself so we can help out better. this is a great place. I have learned lots from here and everyone is very helpful. we will get ya hooked into a fish in no time!
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    Hi Mac,

    Welcome to the forum. If you want to learn from the forum just jump in and start asking questions. GeorgeMcFly was a beginner when he joined NAFFF and in a very short time he has become a knowledgeable fly fisher and a very good fly tyer. While I think NAFFF can take some of the credit most of it goes to McFly and his hard work and willingness to learn.


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    Thanks Frank! I try my best!
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

    owner of the GL Fishing Forum.

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