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Thread: Orivis Leaders

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    Default Orivis Leaders

    I recently bought some Orivs Super Strong leaders (9' 5X) along with some same spooled tippet material. When I change flies, I cut the leader and tie the fly on. Eventually the leader gets short and I tie on some tippet material to keep it 9'. However, the area around the double surgeon's knot keeps getting line all twisted and bunched up. It gets all kind of raveled around itself. I have to very carefully pull the line away and it will unravel if I let it hang down with the fly on it. Am I doing something wrong? Why does it keep knotting up?
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    Is this happening with any fly or just one in particular? The reason I ask is because some flies, like dry flies with cut wings, will tend to twist up a leader.

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    I believe it is because you are shortening your leader into the heavier section and tying on thinner tippet. If you wish to keep the total length at 9' either 1: Buy a shorter leader and add tippet to 9' or 2: Cut off a foot or two from the butt section of the leader to shorten it and then add tippet.

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    just buy a 7' 6'' leader and add 1' 6'' of tippet to the end of it to make it five foot. then you can just keep adding more tippet on when you need it and not cut into your leader. Doing it this way your leader will last a long time.

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    when you put on a new leader tie on a matching piece of tippet ( 4X to 4x) etc.about 1.5 ft. long. the extra length is not really noticable & you can just replace the tippet section when it gets too short. If you hear a buzzing sound as the fly passes your ear you might have one twisting around as you cast. this can happen if you are using too light a tippet & the fly is out of kilter.

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    for your situation you could also use a perfection loop. Just tie your leader to your line using a perfection loop and you can also tie your tippet to your leader using a perfection loop. when your tippet gets to short just pull it off tie a loop in a new piece of tippet and add it on.

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