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    Default Re: Where in a multi-nymph rig do you place the "squirmy wormy?"

    Quote Originally Posted by bucky86 View Post
    South Boulder Creek

    A guide I met and a few people in the fly shop all mentioned it...
    Thatís my area. Not that a worm wonít catch fish, but small midges are always better for me this time of year. A black size 20 tungsten zebra midge has been great for me all along the front range the last month. Pulled quite a few in on 18-20 Higas SOS. Small Griffith gnats can also be great on warmer days. And donít forget to strip an olive streamer through deeper holes right now, fish have stayed active with the unusually warm weather.

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    Default Re: Where in a multi-nymph rig do you place the "squirmy wormy?"

    On the Truckee as I mentioned, we get a flush of pushy water twice a year....that stirs the worms up.....and that in turn moves fish.
    I fish midges and Baetis here all winter and weary of the little bugs by spring, so when I can, I fish other stuff.
    I fish the menu, whatever is being served......
    We use local tied flies mostly, instead of store bought, and very little bling compared to my fishing in CO.
    Here the fish think small is safe mostly.....but they do like a feed when they can.
    When the flows come down in a few weeks, I will down-size for sure.


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    I fished the Middle Provo today for two hours on a new section that I had never fished before, landed four (4) on the bubblegum squimmy and one (1) on a size 16 frenchie. Arrived at that set-up due to some beta I received at Fly Fish Food store the day before. I had the squimmy (on a tag) as the point fly and the frenchie as the dropper, both weighted with Tungsten. I tried other flies including a size 20 zebra midge with no action.
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