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    Default Re: Where in a multi-nymph rig do you place the "squirmy wormy?"

    I'm not sure I'd agree with the this philosophy 100%. True, I too use my point fly for both attraction and weight. But I've landed three fish in a row before and each one was on a different fly on the rig, including the point. I have had times when I caught several fish in a row on the same fly, and when one fly produced better than all others during the day or trip. But I've always caught fish on more than one type of fly during the day and trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by dylar View Post
    I don't fish a point fly to catch fish on the point fly, I fish a point fly as an attractor and as a sexy splitshot. It's there to drag a little nymph down to the bottom and draw eyes. If you're catching your fish on the point fly, you should cut off the dropper anyway.
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    Default Re: Where in a multi-nymph rig do you place the "squirmy wormy?"

    Sorry that makes little sense to me...
    If all the takes were coming to the point fly I would increase the weight of my dropper to ensure both flies were fishing through the fish holding zone, rather than dropping to using one fly only.

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    Default Re: Where in a multi-nymph rig do you place the "squirmy wormy?"

    It's important to fish multiple zones all year.
    If fish are eating drys they will also eat emerging nymphs and or drowned adults.
    If they are eating dries they were eating nymphs on the bottom yesterday or this morning.

    Point flies serve many purposes, and you should always expect to catch fish on a point fly unless your fishing a 12' pool and just need to get a buoyant fly to 8'.
    The reason I would only fish 1 fly is to get a cleaner drift, a tighter line, or if fish are spooky, then your better off not pushing your luck and focusing on one presentation.

    I fish them 18" apart or more so 3 is rarely done for me. It also disconnects you with one of them if you have 3.
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    Default Re: Where in a multi-nymph rig do you place the "squirmy wormy?"

    Good stuff 346 xp

    Pretty much captured how I fish..

    Chalkstream in UK, sight fishing to browns I always drop to one nymph... they are to spooky and itís the same process as dry fly... just sub-surface, watch the fish take the nymph.
    I also tend to use nymphs for pocket water and very complex currents in my more local West Country rivers..
    Personally I donít use 3 nymphs, in part because my local rivers donít suit it- Czech nymphing style.. waist deep water, fast flowing, short leader and short drifts Iíd go with three, but there arenít long enough stretches of that type of water local to me to ever warrant me tying on a 3rd nymph.
    On my usual rivers I tend to put the dropper 2í from the point fly.

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