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Thread: Perfection Loop

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    I was just wondering if i can use a perfection loop to attach my tippet to my leader just as i would use a loop to tie my leader to line.

    with the perfection loop can the fish see the loop to loop connection from leader to tippet since its underwater. Would this scare the fish at all.

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    Hi eaglesfn68,

    I have used a loop to loop connection for many years to attach a tippet to my leader. If it bothers the fish I am not aware of it. I fish mostly sub-surface and if a fish was going to be leader shy it would be when dry fly fishing. With dry fly fishing the leader is suspended in the surface film and I think the leader attached to the fly is more important than the tippet knot. That is the reason I sink the last few inches of my leader if I am dry fly fishing. Now with really tiny flies the sunken leader at the fly can tip it slightly. The solution is to got to a lighter leader.


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    Re: Perfection Loop

    I have also used the loop to loop connection. I use it mostly when fishing with a stimulator and nymph, dry fly and nymph or nymph and nymph. However, I do use fluoro tippets. I find that when stream fishing the loops are pulled tight and actually look like a small knot. If the fish could always see our lines we would probably need to be fishing with nets.

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    Also my eyes are not what they use to be and when it is cold I find this an easier way to rig up.

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    Definately the way to go. I had the perfection loop shown to me. I instantly quit tying 6-turn surgeon's. I can almost tie this one in the dark and the best part is that you can keep the loop as small as possible. Something that I was inconsistant with on the surgeon's loop.

    As a side note, I never tied a blood (or barrel) knot before. Shown to me once and I was good to go.
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    Absolutely. The Perfection Loop is probably the only choice in that it is a STRAIGHT loop. The Surgeon's is easier to tie, but it kicks out to one side.

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    I use it for everything including temporary loops to tie my boat when im too lazy to make a spliced loop---the only exception is for backing to flyline when it might need line swapping and there ill use a bimini twist big enough to put my reel through
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