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    Default Re: Betcha never broke a rod like this before....

    Lol! That sucks!

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    Default Re: Betcha never broke a rod like this before....

    Quote Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
    Don't feel too bad, we all do stupid things from time to time.
    I broke the tip off an Orvis H2 rod one time, it was from being lazy. After fishing, I broke the rod down and placed it in the passenger side of my vehicle......thinking I would put it back in the rod case when I got home. When I got home, of course I forget, then the next day needed to get something out of the glove compartment and when I closed the passenger door I heard this snap.
    A not so relevant point to this thread but busted rods bring back a fond memory about my father. He wasn't a fly fisherman and cared little about gear. He'd buy new cheap spinning rods every spring and bust the tips off most of them in trunk lids and car doors by winter. Most of us who fished with him had better gear we took proper care of and we constantly joked about his rods that were often 2-6" shorter then they left the factory. Our message was muted by the fact he put a whipping on all of us 80% of the time, and it didn't matter if it was tightlining the equivalent of a "nymph" for crappie, catfishing or even swinging whatever on a Driftless trout stream. The venue didn't matter so much.

    "we aren't done fishing yet today son so pay attention and don't give up even if they aren't biting too fast"

    It took way too long for me to find some wisdom in that. It is all about keeping focus when it appears hopeless.

    Like I said, not so relevant to this thread O.P. but thought I would share it.

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    Default Re: Betcha never broke a rod like this before....

    Vacuumed up a rod, well, a line attached to the rod. That is a first. I shall not laugh, nor shall I smile, or I will be next because Kama is a hctib.

    I've used up all my "that was close" and then some. I'm way overdue. lol
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    Default Re: Betcha never broke a rod like this before....

    Quote Originally Posted by ia_trouter View Post
    My own fault like most rod breaks, but listen to this one.....

    So I am in the man cave straightening up and playing with some fly gear today. I decide I am going to play with my St Croix Legend so I put the reel on and string it up. Then I realize I should finish cleaning my room up like I planned and play tomorrow instead. So I break the four piece rod down into two pieces, reel and line still installed and lay it carefully in the corner, behind an aquarium where it would be safe for sure. Nope.... just now I got the vacuum cleaner out. I get about 6ft away from the rod with the vacuum cleaner and the rod starts flying towards me. Room was sorta dark but obviously the tippet/leader was laying in the middle of the room. Wrapped around the roller and the Hoover sucked it up and badly shredded the tip section of the rod in two seconds.
    You should be thankful it didn't pull the aquarium down with it.That's what would have happened to me.

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    Default Re: Betcha never broke a rod like this before....

    Quote Originally Posted by ia_trouter View Post
    I thought I found a truly new way to be stupid.
    Nope. "There is nothing new under the sun." -- Ecclesiastes...or Yogi Berra... I forget which.

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