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  1. Default Wind River Range in Two Weeks

    Hi everyone, new to this site but so glad I found it. Coming to the Wind River Range/Jackson Hole area from the 12 of July to the 25th. This is our first trip out west and an looking forward to hiking and fishing the area. I need some info if you can help. Because be will be camping, and doing day hikes into the back country we won't be able to carry waders so I believe that we will only be able to fish lakes or bare leg wade the rivers. Will this be possible and give us a good shot at getting on some fish. Also other than what we find out from Two Rivers Fly Shop in Pinedale, can you offer any suggestions as to flies that will work the best and any other tips that will make this trip a sucess. I from the west central area of Florida where Bass and Bluegills in freshwater or the saltwater species like Snook, Redfish or Tarpon are the normal fare.

    Thank you
    I fish well but the catching needs work.

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    My one and only piece of advice is pack like its still spring. With the weather thats been rolling through Casper/Gillette and the Eastern Bighorns, some days you would think its still early spring/fall.

    Though, with Wyoming, who knows what two weeks will bring? It was almost 100° in Casper today and isn't supposed to break 80° tomorrow.

    I'm sure some of the other Wyomingites can give you better advice on fishing that part of the state though.

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    We're doing a 20 mile circuit in Aug and I was looking into trying to cut my backpack weight down and considered leaving the waders and wet wading.

    We chose to take ours with. The temps are actually a bit cooler then I expected and will be even a bit cooler since we will be starting at 8,000 feet and working our way up into the 11,000 range.

    Besides breathables with boots only weights about 3 pounds.

    We have been working with 2 Rivers in Pinedale and they have been real helpful. Had them send me a selection of drys, streamers and nymphs to copy for our trip. Terrestrials (sic) seem to be the ticket.

    Spoke to a friend up there. Though he does not flyfish he fishes stick baits with alot of success.

    You don't have alot of time left for planning, but "Walking the Winds" by Rebecca Woods was a pretty helpful source of info.

    If you have time please follow up with a thread when you get back. We are hitting Pindale on Aug 17th, through the 25th. If there is any info you could pass along to help us with our trip we would appreciate it.

    Good luck and be safe..............................I have been told seveal times while researching this that it's Grizzly country.

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