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  1. Default 50% off Fishing Gear - Sports Authority

    For those of you that have a Sports Authority near you, they are have discounted a lot of fishing gear for 50% off the lowest ticketed price. I loaded up on leaders and tippets which were $0.63 a piece.

    The majority of their fly fishing stuff is Cortland and Scientific Angler. The sale include bait casting gear as well.

    I purchased:
    3X to 7X Tippets and Leaders (Cortland) $0.63 a piece
    SA Aircell WF-5-F and WF-8-F $7.42 a piece
    30lb 100ft Dacron backing (orange) $4.00

    I'm in Dallas so the fly fishing gear was incredibly limited. Hopefully, you'll find a better selection as your stores.

  2. Default Re: 50% off Fishing Gear - Sports Authority

    Hey Brunner, I looked on there website and it doesnt say anything about a sale. Would this sale happen to be only at your store or all of them.

  3. Default Re: 50% off Fishing Gear - Sports Authority

    The sale is at the local stores only. Apparently, they just did inventory and the stuff they didin't have room for.

    The Sports Authority Website is pretty useless as everything that I have found that I wanted online has never been in the stores. I was really hoping to be able to pick up an Okuma SLV cheaper than it already is, but they didn't have any. Actually, none of the DFW stores carried any fly reels... no surpise there!

    The following is a link to print the instore coupon for an additional $10 off $50.

    Printable $10 off $50 Coupon

    That should make the deal a little better!

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