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    Default Re: rookie needs some help

    Can't go wrong with the tfo pro. I might have to purchase a finesse 1wt some point soon for those tiny trout streams.

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    Default Re: rookie needs some help

    I have the same rod, in 3 wt. as well. Love my 3 wt. Hung 30 fish this afternoon with it . . .

    Back to your question: Do what most of us probably don't do before buying a rod. Go cast every rod you think you might like. It's funny how one person will say, "man, this rod rocks. I can cast a mile and hit a flea in the eye with it," and someone else will cast the same rod and say,"This thing is a piece of 'you know what.'" That's exactly how I ended up with my St. Croix Imperial 5 wt.

    I will say that two of my fishing buddies are former guides and both advocate TFOs. According to one of them, TFO is the de facto loaner rod guides use.

    Personally, my favorite rod (I have 3 thru 7 wts) is my St. Croix Imperial 4 wt. it's stiff enough in the butt to snap a heavier fly out there, but has a soft enough tip to feather dries and protect the tippet when big fish slam my fly.

    But, to each his own. Test drive everything you can. Oh, and while your at it, test drive the line as well. The line can make a big difference in how a rod feels/casts.


    Whoops. 8 ft. 4 wt. St. Croix Imperial's can be had for $180 or $190. I forget exactly which, but I paid one of the two.

    P.P.S. Just finished reading the rest of the posts. Congrats on the new rod. As for line . . . I have Cabela's Prestige Plus ($30) on my 3 wt. and like it. Casts well, even in some wind and few coiling problems. I have Cortland 444 rocket taper ($55) on my 4 wt. I like the way it casts, but has coiling issues, as well as some durabillity issues. Some people don't like the peach color. I don't think it matters. SA's Sharkskin trout taper ($99) on the 5 wt. Like this stuff alot. Casts really well, mends really well, picks up well, and virtually no coiling problems. It will cut your fingers if a biggun yanks on your line. I have a second spool of Rio Grand ($75) for the 5 wt. Casts pretty well, picks up nicely, and few coiling problems. Cabela's prestige Plus on the 6 wt. now. Had Rio Mainstream on there and hated it. Didn't cast well and the worst coiling problems I've ever had. All these lines float well. I'd have to say though if price point were a primary factor in decision-making, I'd probably go with the Cabela's line; the performance is excellent given the price point. That said, if you can spend a bit more Rio's Gold would be probably the best choice for your apparent preference in fishing. The Grand is for fishing bigger water and longer casts. Gold is for shorter casts and more precise presentations, or so I'm told.
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