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    Default Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    Hello All...

    I recently decided I needed a 9' rod for the float tube so went to get a 6wt. Sage Launch and returned home with a 9' Sage Fli. I've only had it out once and that day was spent learning how to manuver a float tube in the wind. So as of right now I still don't know what I think of the Fli.
    My question is, would I just be waisting my time to use the 6wt. Fli with Rio Grand 5Wt. floating line. The reel for the 6wt. is loaded with intermediate line. I will be getting another spool and 6wt. floating line but I've got to cool the spending for a bit.
    My 5wt. is a 8'6" and where we're going, the longer rod would be a better choice.


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    Default Re: Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    I have a 5 wt 8'6" fli and it has a very fast action i don't think you will feel it load by under lining it. i like mine over lined 1 size it loads better with less line out which works well for tight places.

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    Default Re: Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    Hi FlyDog,

    If you underline your rod you will have to have more line out of the tip to properly load your rod. The Fli has a medium fast to fast action and this complicates the situation. With the RIO Grand line you will be using a 5 1/2wt line and that helps. You won't have to have as much line out to balance the rod line action. How it works comes down to how well you can understand the feel of you cast and tell when you have enough line out.

    Here is a FAQ link that talks about over/under lining a fly rod.


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    Default Re: Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    I owned a FLi 9' 5wt and used SA GPX 5wt forward and found that the rod loaded up just fine. The GPX is 1/2 size larger.

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    Default Re: Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    I have only underlined slow action rods when I wanted more distance. Like Frank said, when you underline a fast action rod, the rod doesn't load as well unless you have a lot of line out.
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    Default Re: Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    Thats what I thought but hoped the Grand Line might be enough to make it work. Both my other rod are a med. flex so the fast action rod will be a change in itself so I think it best I wait and get a 6 wt. line for it.

    Thanks ,

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    Default Re: Underlineing 6wt. Sage Fli

    In a nutshell... Sure that line/rod combo will work! It's a very close set-up if you look at the big picture.
    Will it be perfect? Once you get used to it just might!
    Being human, you can probably compensate for the little bit of difference in that combo.

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