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Thread: 6 wt rod length suggestions.

  1. Default 6 wt rod length suggestions.

    I plan on using it primarily for LM Bass fishing from my Float Cat. Should I go 9' or 9'6"? It will be a G-Loomis Stream Dance. Thanks for the input. Karl

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    I have always liked an 8'6" rod for LMB but i fish alot of tidal rivers with a lot of trees on both banks. I would think it depends more on how much room you have to cast. I never really need to cast more than 40' to 50' but i usually am fishing from a boat with a trolling motor.It's really a personal preference. I have never cast a rod longer than 9' even in the saltwater and i get plenty of distance.

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    If you are floating in a tube the longer the rod the easier it will be to cast, but with that said.. a 9' will be more versitle than a 9'6" rod

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    Default Re: 6 wt rod length suggestions.

    Hi kgcabs,

    I like the 9'6" rods in my pontoon boat and float tube. It makes mending line easier if you are fishing a river. I think it also helps with distance. My thinking is this, you are very close to the water and the longer rod is just going to help you more than a shorter rod. You won't see much difference between a 9' and a 9'6". You will see a noticeable difference between an 8'6" and a 9'6". Here is a secondary benefit with the 9'6" rod, you can use a 9' leader and it won't wind into your rod tip landing a fish.


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    Longer rod(Scott E2) with a longer handle net.

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