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  1. Question Walleye on a fly rod ????

    Good day to all,

    Just wondering if any of you out there ever target going after Walleye
    with your fly rod ???

    One of the major rivers in my area ( Grand Rapids, Michigan ) is the
    Grand River which has Walleye in it, but I have not come across any of
    them yet.

    If you do fly fish for Walleye do you have a "searching" fly you use ?
    ( If you are willing to share that pattern. )

    Is there a special leader setup needed ? ( steel perhaps because of
    their teeth )

    Which weight rod do you typically use ?

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  2. Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    for the pattern you just have to figure out what they most readily feed on in the river and at what depth they are eating them at. for the leader a steel one would probably work and a 7 or 8wt rod would probably work depending on the size of fish and the wind.

  3. Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    Around here, Chartreuse, White, Yellow Clousers.
    Steel leader might not be a bad idea, but a heavy mono will work. 8 wt. all the way! Although knowing me, I would have to try a 6.

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    Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    you wont need any steel leaders for walleyes---thier teeth are conical and they cant bite though mono---i tournament fished for walleyes in Lake Erie for 20 years with fish up to 10# (spinning gear)and never used more than 8# Izorline mono or 6# trilene xt or xl---if you used a wire you might not catch as many.
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  5. Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    Interesting thought. Walleye fishing on the fly may be like bone fishing? Does anyone know are walleye solitary in the rivers or are they schooling? If schooling then certainly alot like bone fishing. Heck hey even are kinda shaped like bonefish.

    I wonder what they feed on in rivers, for some reason I would think they are predators and would not eat a fly but would be more interested in streamer/ minnow imitations. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    The one person i know that has caught a lot of walleye on fly says that he has to work pretty hard for the fish during daylight but when the sun goes down , he can catch them one for one with someone throwing crankbaits.

    I'll be going out with him in a couple days to target steelies in open water with sinking lines but the fish arent into thier regular schooling patterns this year and we may be trying to catch a few walleye while we are out---ill post results either way.
    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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    Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    Walleye are a riverine type fish as most people know. In the Great Lakes region we have some tremendous spawning runs to many of our rivers. The young eyes spend quite a bit of time in these rivers after they hatch; and like trout get conditioned to eat what's available. Midge larvae, caddis, mayfly nymphs, etc; when they come back for the spawn they eat what they ate when they were young in addition to minnows. We do very well in the early spring on small wooly buggers and Spring's Wiggler patterns. We do the best with black, brown, or olive; I usually start with olive.


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    Fly fishing Walleye is much the same as fly fishing trout. Walleye eat all the same food items and are therefore easy to take on a fly. The biggest problem faced is one's ability to read the water correctly and to figure out where the Walleye are holding. I have had a couple of articles on Walleye published, one in American Angler and the other in the Canadian Fly Fisher, which point out not only the similarities but where the fish are located. Takes a bit of leg work but the rewards are great.

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    Are your article(s) in those magazines available on-line ?

    How long ago were they written ?

    I'd be very interested in reading them.

    I've caught many Walleye when fishing with my Father in my
    younger days on spinning rods, but have not caught any since
    moving to Michigan some 15 years ago. Now I do mostly fly
    fishing for trout, steelies, smallies & large mouth.


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    Default Re: Walleye on a fly rod ????

    I have been doing it alot lately. The only flies I have had any luck with though have been clouser minnows. The best one is a rainbow trout pattern ( top to bottom, Blue, Pink, white, whith a pink dumb bell. ) I have been fishing the Rainy River in N. Minnesota, and thanks to the unreal amount of rain we have had it is very high. The current is going like 90, and it has had the added bonus of the walleye coming very close to shore and really shallow. Like 25' from shore in 5 feet of water. After I started catching walleye, I started looking for more walleye patterns and that is how I found the site. I have tied some experimental patterns, but none have worked really well. Some not at all. I posted a photo in the gallery of a 29 1/4" walleye I caught 2 weeks ago. By far my biggest. It was on the rainbow trout clouser on my 5 wt.

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