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    Default Re: Need prescription sunglass recommendation

    For me, the progressives give me a major headache. Most folks who engage in outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting, inadvertently use their peripheral vision quite a bit without ever realizing it. This is what causes the headaches. The progressives blur your peripheral vision causing your eyes to strain without knowing it's going on. I have a pair of prescription polarized RayBan's that I love. I like the traditional bi-focal in them since all I really use it for is to tie flies or look at my phone (not while driving of course ) The larger lens keeps the bi-focal line out of my line of site too. I wear low profile clear glasses also.
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    Default Re: Need prescription sunglass recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    I just visited Smiths site and though confusing, click on sunglasses and Techlite (glass) Polarchromic Cooper. I need a new pair too. I intend to visit both Smith and Costa assuming they each have a booth at the NJ Show.
    I am hoping to do the same at Marlboro, although it looks as though Smith may not have a booth there. At least the Costa rep will be able to advise me what I might like best out of their offerings.

    Techlite Polarchromic Copper is what I think I have on my current Smiths. It is very difficult to tell from the Smith website what the available options for prescription bifocals are, though.

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    I had to do an on-line "chat" with a Smith tech person to ascertain availability...but it apparently exists with the only limitation the frame styles they offer Rx in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonefish41 View Post
    ) then get three Cocoon overs in Yellow, Blue Mirror grey base, and Green Mirror brown base.
    I tried Cocoons also and I like them. They really work too. I was walking along the lake with my daughter and and I said, "Look at all the fish right here by the bank." She replied, "What fish?" I gave her the Cocoons and her response was "Wow!"

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