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    Default Korkers Konvertible Wading Boot???

    Hi Everyone,
    I was just curious, has anyone ever tried Korkers Konvertible Wading Boot? I like the ideal of versitility with this type of system. To be able to switch from felt bottoms to Rubber lugs without having to change from two different pairs of boots. My Hodgeman wading boots do the trick as far as wading is concern but I sure wouldn't want to have to hike in the mountains to get to a secluded mountain stream in them. Any thoughts or anyone have a pair of either of these Korker boots(see following links) please let us know?

    Korkers Konvertible Wading Boot

    Korkers Wetlands Wading Boot

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    Just got my pair this week. Found them supper cheap. One of the first things that I noticed was the weight. I had looked at a couple of pairs of Simms and they were heavy as could be. These boots seemed like they weighed about half of what the Simms did. On the stream though they have a totally different feel and ability. The soles can be changed in a matter of seconds allowing for total fredom. I went from rocks to sand to mud with no problems at all. They come with a felt sole and a rubber lugged sole and extra laces. On dry land they fit very nicely in water though it seems as though that Korkers could've made these boots just a little bit wider and added a little more cushion to the insole. After about 3-4 hrs the boots started to get uncoformtable due to the width. Hoping that after some more break in time they'll feel better. If you get a chance to take a pair for a test wade I highly recommend it.

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    The only cons I have heard on the boots is if you bend your foot a lot, that the sole tends to pop out after awhile. This is only hear say, though.

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    i don't think that would be a easy thing to do. there is roughly a 1x3 piece that holds the pad in the boot. they might mean that it pops out on the sides which i could see as a possibility. will keep posting on them as time goes on especially if i run into issues like the toe popping out.

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    i've got one season on mine and they're still in great shape, i love them.
    they are the perfect answer for a secluded low pressure stream, which of
    course requires a considerable hoke.

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