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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I like trout if caught in a cold mountain stream and cooked fresh. Mostly I eat catfish, bluegills and crappie.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I'm not very fond of freshwater fish, so I mostly let em go. I do keep every hatchery steelhead I catch to keep them from spawning with wild fish, but I usually give them to friends.

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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I C & R most fish, but don't mind keeping any legal fish. I like eating fish, always have, but have preferences for what I want to eat. Like others have said, certain sizes of specific species are better for eating, and some are better to release to keep propagating the species.

    I release bass, Striped Bass, and small fish. I'll release big fish if I ever catch any!

    I enjoy eating the various Sunfish, Crappies, Perch, various saltwater fish, and will eat trout if they're from put & take waters. I like catfish too, but size is important.
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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I haven't killed a trout since July of 1981 unless it was accidentally deep hooked. I don't have to, if I had to eat trout I'd catch them with a net not a 1000 dollar Sage rod reel and line combo. Then add in the waders, jackets, flies, trucks, and all the other stuff.................... If I wanted to eat fish I'd buy it in a restaurant.

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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I can't remember when of the last fish I kept.
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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I kept every Cutthroat I caught in Pyramid when I fished there, they're all stockers anyways and taste superb due to the alkaline water.
    I keep a smallmouth maybe 1 or 2 a year now, and quite a few sunfish.
    Stream trout I let them go free almost all the time.

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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I am not a fan of eating fresh water species. Once in a blue moon, I will share a diner of fresh trout with my son. But only if the fish is cooked riverside of where it was caught. My opinion, Trout, if cooked right away can be great. But, if cleaned for another day or even a few hours later, the oils in the fish seem to get stronger and stronger is a short amount of time. I am not a fan of fishy tasting fish... I understand that is a strange statement, but I know many that feel the same way.

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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I never catch anything edible... It's either Jacks in salt or bass in freshwater that's too close to yards with fertilizer and pesticide runoff for me to even think about eating. On the rare occasion that I have caught anything edible, it was one of something too small for anything but a ceviche appetizer.

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    Default Re: Eating your catch?

    I like trout, but the areas where I can keep trout get hammered hard! The heavy pressure makes it a long dragged out day. So I just stick to catch and release fly fishing only areas. Saltwater is a different story. I prefer saltwater fish over freshwater. I will keep a decent striper and other good tasting species.

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    Generally I release most fish I catch. What I'll keep is sunfish, rock bass and crappie. When I do go to a lodge in Northern Ontario I'll keep the limit of smallmouth(6), these are 12-13 inch fish, walleye(4) slot is 14 to 16 7/8 inches and small pike(6) 18-24 inches if I even catch any. I won't eat any fish I catch in the immediate Philadelphia are. Also will keep small bluefish, flounder and weakfish but most of those aren't caught on a fly rod.

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