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    I just purchased a spin/fly combo rod. It is rated for 5 weight line and has a fast action. I have come across several articles that say if you are a beginner (which I somewhat am) you should go one line weight up. Has anyone heard this before? What are the advantages/disadvantages of this?

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    I'm not sure I would purchase a different wieght line without testing it on the rod. Every rod has a line that works the best..they aren't all alike. If you have a fly shop nearby and can cast a vaiety of line.....that is the best way to determine what works best on your rod. With that said...some line manufactures aer selling line that is 1/2 weight heavier...that supposedly loads fast action rods quicker - an example would be the RIO Grand line and I believer Scientific Angler has some of these as well. I have the RIO Grand line on my St Croix Ultra and it does seem to load easier and quicker. To be honest with you, a spin/fly combo is not going to be a high quality rod so I don't know if it would make sense to put a $65 line like the RIO on it. Since it will be a short rod..a weight heavier (6 wt) would load the rod quicker and might work well for you Look on ebay for some inexpensive 6 wt line and give it a try. good luck

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    In all honesty, for a combo spin/fly rod, get the cheapest fly line you can get. Buy a 5w and a 6w. You should be able to score something on e-bay.
    If you like fly fishing, get a "fly" rod. There's a big difference between the two styles of rods.
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