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    Went to fish Deckers at 5 o'clock. There is a fast moving fire 5 miles north at Oxyoke. Hyway 67 north of Deckers is closed to traffic. When I got to the river I asked a Jeffco cop what was going on. He said the fire started about 1 pm at a campground and had already spread to 100 acres. The wind is blowing NNW so at the moment Deckers itself is not threatened. It's not burning in the Hayman burn area and has lots of new fuel to burn. If it burns up river there is plenty of fuel since the Hayman Fire spared the forest at the rivers edge.
    I fished for a couple hours and just got home. When I left, ground fire crews were just beginning to stage at the Deckers store and a helicopter was on scene. God we don't need this after the Hayman disaster. The river is just now beginning to come back after that one.
    I did manage to catch one nice fish but my thoughts were on those who will be affected by this and had a hard time trying to enjoy myself.

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    Just watched the news and talked to a friend in Deckers. The fire is 100% contained and 67 north has been reopened. No homes were lost or damaged. Thanks for the great job firefighters!!!. Yeahhhhhhhh! Dogged a bullet this time.
    Just as a side note. The Colorado DOW planted some Tasmanian Rainbows in the river at Deckers before the 2002 Hayman Fire, some got to be over 10 pounds. All were killed by soot and ash from the runoff after that fire. If you are ever in the area, stop at Flys and Lies flyshop to see some photos of those huge fish and talk to the owner Danny about them.

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    I will double that YEAY and through in a WAHOO! Thanks for the report.

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    Good to see they got it controlled so fast.

    We need more rain.

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