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  1. Question Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    Just curious as to how often you wear your waders in summer.

    Do you wear them regardless of the temp ? (not water temp )

    Do you wet wade sometimes, never ?

    If you have a boat do you wear them then ?

    Tie one on---------------------------<*)))))))><

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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    I wear them all year round.

    The water here in the Colorado high country is COLD. I'm too much of a wimp to wet wade for very long, even in the summer time.
    (and the cold water keeps me cool when wading anyway.)

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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    I always wear them if i'm on a stream.

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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    I tend to wear my wading boots with Simms Guard Socks more often than anything. They keep yer feet warm enough when yer knee deep in cold water, cool enough most anywhere as long as they're submerged, and the boots protect my toes so I can wade with all the daintiness of a drunk elephant.

    I can get by with sandals when its warm, but I seem to have a substantial talent for getting rocks wedged under my foot.

    Waders come out when its below 55 or so at the day's start, or the water is that cold all day.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I have been wet wading on the river for the last month, but I am a wimp when it comes to cold water so the first couple steps are a wake up call sometimes. Early and late in the season waders for sure.

    Yukon Jack

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    Wet Wade here. I have some Chota's that are a perfect jogger/hiker and too small for my wader booties, so, ankle socks and the Chota's. I also wear the quick dry zip off leg pants, but if I am walking through a lot of high grass or bush, I leave the lower leg on.
    It is cold sure but on 80+ days, it is the best. And yes I stand right in the middle if I need to.

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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    I love the crispness of the cold water as long as the air temp is above 50. So it's bare legs for me and yes my feet go numb in the spring. A pair of pants always shroud my legs because I'm noted for slipping on the rocks. From my knees down I am all scars.

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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    Waders here. The San Juan is about 42 degrees year round. As stupid as it sounds, I wear wool socks, even when it's pushing 100 degrees air temp. I don't like cold...brrrrrr. Haven't had the boat out yet, but will probably shuck the waders as soon as we're underway.

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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    I wet wade as often as I can. Waders are just too bulky and uncomfortable but unfortunately the winters get cold in the Sierras.
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    Default Re: Wearing your waders ?? Yes, or no

    Hi to all,

    I get really cold feet and wear waist highs year around with wool/silk socks. I fish tail waters mostly and like Phil said, the water can be very cold even on a hot summer day. Besides isn't waders part of the fly fisher's uniform? How can you look cool with no waders?


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