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  1. Default Columbia Henry's Fork Wading boots

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    Default Re: Columbia Henry's Fork Wading boots

    Hello weecraw,

    Easy now, I didn't comment because I know nothing about them and I suspect that other members did not have any input for you either. I am glad the boots seem to be exactly what you needed and hope you will continue to post here. You could always do a New Member Introduction telling us about who you are, where you fish and what for. These things help to break the ice with regular posters and you will get a welcoming response from the people here. This is sort of like walking into a club where you have never been before and without bothering to say who you are you expect an on the house drink.

    When you join a forum and ask a question about a piece of gear if no one has the answer you can't expect people to post saying " I don't know but good luck with that".

    On another note I took a look at your only other post here, copied and pasted below

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    Today, 06:56 PM
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    Re: 4 wt or 5 much of a diffrence
    ________________________________________'s a HUGE difference...just kidding. The nerds here will tell you this and a 4 or a 5 have fun some day you might get a 3 which I love where I fish... not a big deal.
    The rods today are all nice, the fish are the same. [End Quote]

    This sort of post will not make you popular here, I would point out that our members are not nerds! I welcome you to be a participant here but will watch to see if your attitude toward posting here improves.


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