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    Default Interactive River System Map

    Here is a pretty interesting interactive river map, that was highlighted on Moldy Chum. Be sure to read the description before you click on the live map.

    Once Upon a River | Maps We Love

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    Default Re: Interactive River System Map

    How come Larry always finds the cool stuff?
    "Fight like you're the 3rd monkey trying to get on Noah's Ark"
    "Not every day is filled with sunshine. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue"
    "If God had intended for man to only fish on weekends, He never would have created the other 5 days of the week."

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    Default Re: Interactive River System Map

    AND Google Earth!

    Add to that a County property tax search to find the owner; next google ... a phone number/contact info?

    Thinking back, only once was I refused access, normally got gate keys as needed. Best ever was an elderly lady; old house was a 'shamble's,' no money/assets to take care of same ... context: she owned close to 3/4 miles of river bank. One of the Club Member's was a General Contractor, several member's were crew.

    Went through the house with a punch list of things that needed ... Like NOW! Walked into the County Building Department (a permit could take weeks at that time), explained situation, walked out with the Permit in 30 minutes.

    Her cost?


    No telephone, one of the fellows worked for the phone company, got her a free phone; no billing's.

    'Who can I call?'

    'Any one you want World Wide, save for China.'

    God I hate to see old ladies cry; made all of us cry.

    She made the best fried chicken I've ever eaten; 'Southern Girl I suspect.' Children with us, would read them; voice inflection was a total hoot, BIG EYES LISTENING TO EVERY WORD. 'Shush Child;This is the best part' . When she passed there were close to 100 at the service.

    Worst part was the new owner's of the property wanted to cut off access; got a copy of the recorded easement, wadded it up and tossed it in his face: "Read this axxhole and weep." Chain across the road; tow truck/4x4's?, heavy chain ... gone.

    Sheriff called, cars, lots of Police cars. Explained the situation, Officer: .. "I'll go talk to them."

    He after: 'I wish it was legal for me to hit someone in the face.'

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Interactive River System Map

    Super cool, Larry.

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    Default Re: Interactive River System Map

    Figures ... no data for Florida waterways.
    Ex-Marine ... Quondam Fidelis

    Barbed hooks rule!

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    Default Re: Interactive River System Map

    Super cool!  3853

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