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Thread: Need your imput

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    If you could live anywhere in the Northeast and you fly fished, where would you live?
    My wife and I are retiring and strongly considering moving out of the Syracuse area in a year and need your input. We would be living on a fixed income. The ideal area would include:

    Low taxes, especially property taxes (if we bought a house)

    A lake front home (or rental) (or ocean front, yea just a dream)

    Access to many non-crowded fly fishing areas (fresh and salt),

    Without being to far out in the sticks (so the wife doesn't get too upset).

    Thanx, Bob

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    Hi Bob,

    First let me welcome you to the forum. Glad that you found our forum. Are you an experienced fly fisher?

    I can't help you with the Northeast but you may be limiting your opportunities if you choose just the Northeast.

    Inexpensive water front is getting pretty hard to find any where in the US. Many locations that use to be considered cheap to live have gotten pretty expensive. You either have to be very remote or very rich.

    One thing you should add to your list of requirements is proximity to a hospital. Picking a spot far from a hospital can be a problem if you or your wife develop health issues.


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    I was born and brought up in western Mass and lived for a long time in Vermont. I go back every month or so for business and always fish the Deerfield in western Mass. I would choose Vermont over all other NE states-lots of rivers and lakes, no gun laws at all, no crime to speak of, and you are near some of the best health care in the world in Boston(not to mention the Red Sox!) The problems are all cost of living in NE. no place is cheap and with heating oil going up...anyway, check out Vermont or head south-I bought my house in Mexico 150 ft form the ocean for very little compared to anywhere in the US, 'bout the price of a luxury car(a nice one but not a real expensive one)

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    Centeal PA. I;m a former N.Y. boy (well old man now) and this is a great place to live. Low taxes, good housing that's affordable and some great sites for fishing. The Little Juniata, Spring Creek, Penns Creek, Fishing Creek,and so on. Give it a try. You are 90 miles from Pittsburgh, 2 hours away from D.C. and 5 hours away from N.Y. If you are over 65 you can get a lifetime fishing license. Silver Doc

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