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    Default InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    First let me say that I come from the era of envelopes and stamps, the phone hung on the wall and UPS and FedEx didn't exist. You wrote a 'Check', and waited for it to clear; and then waited....the era of patience. Plus, there wasn't a 3-5 business day, or next day.....more like a Month. (smile)

    My question is.....does anyone here actually have HAND's ON Experience with one of the 'Locator Beacons' being offered. I'm looking at them from the perspective of being able to let friends and/or family know I'm OK. I'm older, but not that old and tend to get off the beaten path (high mountain lakes and backcountry headwaters)
    most likely, cell service isn't available.

    I'm not looking to bring in SAR to come get me. I just want to txt the family to let them know I'm OK and will be real late. I'm an old Eagle Scout and come from the age of "Be Prepared" and get yourself out. But good gosh, if you don't answer your phone, they'll txt, if you don't reply soon....people get all frazzled. Heck, I fished into dark and had a three mile walk out. (just kidding)

    My understanding is you can send out a pre-designed e-mail or txt. They'll know your OK and also be able to track your location, etc. Are they reliable, or worth it. Have you ever been with someone that utilized this technology?

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    Default Re: InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    I have the InReach and have been pleased with it. There are 3 preset messages that go to a specific email or text. You can also send a text message directly to anyone, thought it's cumbersome to do so unless you have it linked to your smartphone.

    It works well as long as you keep the software updated. The updates are free, but you have to sync with a computer to get the updates. You also log into the computer to enter the preset messages and recipients.

    It keeps my wife happy on my trips to let her know that Yogi has not decided to snack on me that day, or if I'm going to be late.

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    Default Re: InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    My wife gave me a Spot Messenger for Christmas about three years ago...she always worried about me getting hurt in areas with no cell service. It has preset messages that sends an email to whomever you select informing them you're okay...and an SOS in event of an emergency. They also provide a 100K insurance to pay for emergency airlift to medical facilities. I send her a message when I step into the river and a message when I'm out of the river back at the truck to say I'm OK. She doesn't worry anymore....
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    Default Re: InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    I have a friend who has a spot. He also uses it to send messages that he's ok to his wife, and luckily has never had to use the emergency message. My wife has considered getting me one as well because of all the time I spend fishing by myself at the bottom of canyons with no cell service.

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    Default Re: InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    I have been looking at the spot as as well. Have yet to pull the trigger. I am curious what others think of it. I do lots of back country trips... some alone, some with friends, many with my son. I am always worried being the back country with my son, that if I ever got hurt, he would have to deal with getting help, etc... Big stuff for young kid to deal with. Looking forward to this thread...

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    Default Re: InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    I have carried Personal Locator Beacons for many many years. The ACR PLB was the last one I had before I got an InReach. It would call in a rescue helicopter if I needed it. It had some good points and lacked some. It's battery wasn't rechargeable, but it didn't have a monthly cost to it. The biggest downside was that I couldn't just send an "I'm okay" message.

    Now I have carried the Delorme InReach for about 3 or 4 years now. I am out in the mountains 2 to 4 months of the year. Mostly it has been on my own. There is a small monthly charge when I have it activated - for my plan it is about $12. It is worth every penny. I am not sure what all they offer now, so I can only say what has been my experience with my unit and plan.

    The Delorme InReach has really given my family peace of mind, and the GPS info to know exactly where I am. Each message pinpoints me on a map.

    I have three prerecorded messages set up to go to a couple of members of my family. One that just says I am okay. One that I use to let them know I am moving or have moved to a new location. And one that says I am staying longer. I send one to two messages a day depending on circumstances.

    Besides the prerecorded messages, I have 10 free texts per month. After 10 it is about 50 cents a text. It is nice to use the texts to exchange info like arraigning to meet up or to let me know of important events at home etc. It is a little hard to type the texts on the InReach....very similar to typing on a GPS. You use the arrow keys to select letters. But even with it being a little awkward to type on, it is wonderful to have the communication available 10,000 feet up in the mountains. They can contact me and vis versa.

    I can remember one instance where I needed a part for my trailer, and I was able to let my family know to bring it when they were coming up. And another where I needed a new inhaler.

    If you do have an emergency and push the button for official help, they try to contact you and find out what kind of help would be the best etc.

    A valuable piece of equipment that I always carry.

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    Default Re: InReach / Spot Handheld Locators question....

    I have the inReach and use it a lot when Im out in the boondocks. I check in with my wife to make sure all is well and have used it in cell phone inaccessible places in Alaska and Wyoming. I also bring it with me on my trips to the coast in case I fry my phone...again.

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