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    Default Help with some Scott rods.

    Picked up some Scott Rods from a non-fisherman acquaintance. Told me they were payment for some work he did. They arenít hot because I know who he did the work for and all.
    I would like to know more about them. Living in the Driftless means they arenít going to be used for trouts, but maybe some freshwater musky or pike and for Great Lakes Steelies, or that trip to Alaska I dream of someday...or that trip to Florida I gotta take the Wife on before I dare mention Alaska. Help with some Scott rods.

    Scott G909/3HP
    Scott ARC 908/4
    Scott ARC 958/4

    What can you tell me about the rods? (other than the obvious length, # of sections, etc)
    When were they in production?
    What did they retail for?
    How did they compare to other rods of their time?
    Which one is the best of the bunch if I was to keep only one for steelhead fishing Great Lakes Tribs, or warm water pike or musky, or a very occasional salt water trip?
    What about the actions?
    Recommended lines? True to weight or half wt heavy?
    Anyone still use theirs?

    I havenít cast them yet as itís not above single digits here and itís hard water season.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    Anyone have any input?

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