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    Default Help with some Scott rods.

    Picked up some Scott Rods from a non-fisherman acquaintance. Told me they were payment for some work he did. They arenít hot because I know who he did the work for and all.
    I would like to know more about them. Living in the Driftless means they arenít going to be used for trouts, but maybe some freshwater musky or pike and for Great Lakes Steelies, or that trip to Alaska I dream of someday...or that trip to Florida I gotta take the Wife on before I dare mention Alaska. Help with some Scott rods.

    Scott G909/3HP
    Scott ARC 908/4
    Scott ARC 958/4

    What can you tell me about the rods? (other than the obvious length, # of sections, etc)
    When were they in production?
    What did they retail for?
    How did they compare to other rods of their time?
    Which one is the best of the bunch if I was to keep only one for steelhead fishing Great Lakes Tribs, or warm water pike or musky, or a very occasional salt water trip?
    What about the actions?
    Recommended lines? True to weight or half wt heavy?
    Anyone still use theirs?

    I havenít cast them yet as itís not above single digits here and itís hard water season.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    Anyone have any input?

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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    Not familiar with rods mentioned. You might get better response posting under rod forum. Have a couple of Scotts. They are a good rod. Try rods before loosing any !


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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    The Arc rods are beefy and powerful rods. I do know in the longer rods they were a joy to cast being used for Skagit & Spey. The ones you have would be fine for the likes of musky.
    The G. Well, that's the flag ship of the Scott rod family. Softer rod, and would be a blast for pike and such.

    When the temps warm up, go and cast them. See which you like better & decide for yourself which you like better.
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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    Ok, here's a little help:

    "What can you tell me about the rods?"

    From old Scott catalog:

    "Scott ARC steelhead and salmon rods are designed to excel in the most demanding fishing conditions. They are powerful rods that roll cast, mend line, and control fish exceptionally well. Medium-fast actions provide smooth power at any casting distance, and our Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC) layup makes these rods extremely durable. ARC rods are the personal preference of experienced anglers and guides worldwide.

    The ARC Series is designed for catching salmon and steelhead in large rivers. ARCs are longer and more moderate in action than saltwater rods of the same line weights, providing the line mending and drift steering ability required to present your fly on the other side of a broad, swift river.

    Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC) is a special layup that combines custom graphite materials for maximum durability and power. These high modulus materials give the rod a terrific light feel, and provide more durability than in any previous generation of steelhead and salmon rods. Using the ARC materials, we've created a rod that feels like a super-charged G. ARCs have surpeb casting accuracy and tracking stability, but are longer and more powerful than our other freshwater fly rods.

    Saltwater fly rod design must achieve three purposes: power, efficiency, and durability. Scott Heliply fly rods deliver power like no other. Heliply saltwater rods have fast actions for driving large flies into stiff winds, and provide unmatched lifting power for controlling heavy fish in deep water. They make ideal boat rods.

    Scott HP rods are among the most efficient saltwater fly rods available. In the salt, it is crucial to deliver your fly quickly to a moving target. HP tips are forgiving enough to load the line right out of your hand, generating maximum line speed with very few false casts.
    The name Heliply describes the graphite layup which makes these rods nearly unbreakable. Heliply combines high modulus unidirectional graphite with helically oriented fibers to give the rod maximum tracking stability for casting and lifting. This complex design also protects the rods against the beating they can take in the boat.

    All Scott saltwater rods are 3-piece designs, placing the top ferrule well above the point of maximum stress when the rod is fully loaded, and providing for easy transport. The strength and efficiency of our internal ferrule is highlighted in our saltwater fly rods.

    Heliply saltwater rods are overbuilt for durability and performance in saltwater. All models feature the comfortable Ritz grip, with heavy duty black aluminum uplocking reel seats.
    Guides are oversized for shooting line with minimum resistance. Scott PowRPly cosmetics are protected under three coats of epoxy finish, with epoxy under the guide feet to prevent salt erosion."

    "When were they in production?"

    From mid90's to 2001.
    Send a email to Scott with the serial numbers for a more accurate information.

    What did they retail for?

    Around 560 for the rods and 300 the blank.

    Can't help with the other questions, my Scott rod is only for trout.



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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    Thank you Joger that helps.
    Do you have the catalogs or did you find that online?

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    Default Re: Help with some Scott rods.

    Can someone recommend:
    A floating line?
    An intermediate or sink tip?
    A full sink?
    Primarily Iím going to use the 8wts for Great Lakes steelhead and possibly river pike and the 9wt for lake musky.

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