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Thread: TFO vs. St. Croix

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    Default Re: TFO vs. St. Croix

    Quote Originally Posted by CumberlandRiverTroutin View Post
    Ok, need a recommendation...

    Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh Series One Fly Rod 5wt 2pc


    St. Croix Triumph Fly Rod 5wt 4pc
    I think the Series One is the older version of what they currently call the Signature Series, right? In that case, I would pick the TFO hands down. Unless you step up to the St Croix Avid, Legend Ultra, or Legend Elite; the Series One and the Triumph are not comparable.
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    Default Re: TFO vs. St. Croix

    I just bought the new4pc. Med. Fast action St. Croix Triumph Rod for my Wyoming trip and its a great rod for flipping heavy streamers as well as dry's..........this Rod loads very quick....and it handles very well...... I call the Triumph a shooting Rod because it shoots the streamer across the water very well.... but I also have a TFO that I use in the upper small mountain streams....
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    Default Re: TFO vs. St. Croix-Why are you asking others?

    Why don't you cast both and see which one you like the best. One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
    You just might like the TFO.
    Then again, why are you choosing these two rods of all the brands out there?
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    CumberlandRiverTroutin, I agree that trying both may be the best you can do. One advantage of the St. Croix is the number of pieces, which would make it easier to carry if you plan to travel with it. Also, the Signature Series does not go for $275 but rather around $90 and no tube is correct. The St. Croix Triumph is made in China like many low end rods, also no tube. I have a TFO Pro 5wt 4 pieces and I like it a lot with the exception of the cork. Perhaps you may want to consider a NXT combo instead if you are shopping for a complete setup.

    As for the China vs US argument... It is very complicated but one can argue that not only the manufacturers put themselves in a bad position by taking the shortcut to increase competitiveness but also those manufacturers whose rods are made in the USA, and use this fact as advertisement campaigns, manufacture every other item in their catalogs overseas... In fact, I do not remember the last time I bought clothes made in the USA. In my opinion, the burden of maintaining job security in the country should not be the exclusive responsibility of the consumer. I still drive a Ford though ;-)


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