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  1. Default bass fisherman with a bunch of dusty fly gear

    Hello all,

    Some quick background before I get to my question. I'm a semi pro bass fisherman who took a fly fishing class with a bunch of buddies about 4 years ago. Well after day one of the class we all went out and bought a bunch of stuff ie new rods reels flies nets vests the whole sha-bang. Well I never made it to day two due to a family emergency. Well, since then the gear I bought has been sitting in my garage collecting dust. Im wanting to sell my useless to me flyfishing gear and buys some useful bass gear. This is where u guys come in. I have no idea what this stuff is worth and dont want to get taken by someone more educated on the subject. Anyway heres what i got:

    1-Sage fly rod with the case model ds2 586 line 5 length 8'6" Graphite II
    1-Argus Flite III Fly reels

    The rest is just new misc stuff like a new wood net, new vest, new flouracarbon, tippet material, misc split shots, a couple new cases with flies, the scissors, tapered leader.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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    Default Re: bass fisherman with a bunch of dusty fly gear


    Sure i can't talk you into giving FF another shot? Sounds like you have a very good beginner - intermediate set up....

    The rod is a Sage Discovery. Sage is a quality, premium fly rod manufacturer, and this was their entry model, but entry is a relative term when applied to other "entry" rods from other companies, and it's not comparable to other "beginner" outfits sold for much less with cheaper components etc. It's a very good quality, well designed rod. I'm assuming 2 piece, with a sock and metal tube. It's been replaced by another model, the FLi series, but originally your 586 probably went for around $230. I don't think they were making 4 piece back then, but if it's a 3 piece or 4 piece it would have probably been about $20 higher.

    The Argus Flite III reel for 4-5-6 weights goes for about $40 new.

    Don't know if you have fly line on it, or which one if you do, but I would think a fair price for rod, reel and line, with sock and rod tube would be somewhere in the $160-180 range plus shipping. I think $175 would be a fair price, $180 a bit high, $160 a very good buy.

    If you still have the original warranty card somewhere that would be a selling point if you could pass that along to the new buyer in a sale, and definitely mention that when you go to sell it. Other things to mention are clean cork, no blemishes or scratches in the blank etc. (if true) and the sock and metal tube. Sage has excellent customer service, and stand behind their rods, so it's not a huge deal, but these are added things a buyer would want to know, and would help you get the best price. I would also sell them together as opposed to separately, since this is the kind of thing that would appeal to someone looking for a complete set up.

    As far as your other stuff, it's hard to tell. The fluro tippet, split shot and other stuff isn't worth much, and it would be stuff to throw in on a sale as a sweetener. But the vest, fly boxes, net and flies might be worth some $'s depending on brand/model (vest, net, boxes) and type and # of flies, and whether they're quality stuff from a fly shop (Umpqua etc) or a cheap import assortment. It sounds like you've got good flies if they were bought from a fly shop with your other gear as opposed to a cheap "dial a fly" assortment from a hardware store. New trout flies might go for anywhere from $2 in fly shops to pretty decent ones for $0.50 from online fly discount houses, but figure maybe somewhere around $8 a dozen for typical trout stuff? More complicated stuff (like spun deer hair bass bugs) would fetch a bit more, less complicated (egg flies, thread midges, San Juan worms etc) would be less. Again, selling fly boxes plus flies would be the way to go, and factor in the value of the box, say 1/2 of whatever retail, (which can be anywhere from $7-45 or so depending on the box.)

    If you could post a description and/or pics that would be helpful to give folks a better idea of the approx value of the other stuff which can vary quite a bit depending on the actual items.

    Hope this helps... but are you sure you don't want to give it another shot......?


  3. Default Re: bass fisherman with a bunch of dusty fly gear

    I wouldn't go selling off your gear yet.

    I fished club tournaments for 9 years. This year with the gas prices and work issues I decided to take up fly fishing again. It has been worth it. No stress, fish when you want to, and see a lot of pretty country. Besides, you can catch bass with a fly rod and it is a lot of fun.

  4. Default Re: bass fisherman with a bunch of dusty fly gear

    Worth about 10 bucks. I'll gladly take em off your hands for 20

    Seriously, before you sell it off, drop a chart/white clouser minnow on that 5wt and throw a few at the bass when they are in the shallows. I've spent much time and money on boats, rods, blades, worms, grubs as such for the bass and the best day I've had on the water was a day when not much was biting and I elected to pick-up the fly rod and give it a shot. I could not keep em off the line.

    Don't believe you can use it while tourny fishing (used to be a rule about rod length) but it's alot of fun when your out pre-fishing or just fun fishing.

    As you well know, bass on heavily fished water tend to get acclimated to the common fare thrown at them and the fly is something that they don't normally see. I'd just keep it in your rod locker (you can never have enough rods ya know)
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