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    Default Re: Warranty on Winston rods?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    That makes sense, but most people or I should say me, look at e-bay for a good deal. The big name rod dealers can only sell for what the company tells them they can, and no different than a shop, right?
    I look at those as ADS, but look at used for DEALS, so my reference to no warranty on e-bay items is such.
    Yes, you're right, but you do find some exceptions now and then. I've seen some Winstons for sale at lower prices from authorized dealers. They either want to move out rods that didn't sell, or maybe their going out of business. I know Winston doesn't like it, but I don't think they can do much if a guy is going out of business. I guess the demo is sort of the same thing. It's still anew rod, but still new too. Kind of a grey area.

    Then we have discontinued models like the Sage SLT. I guess everybody was free to get any price they wanted on those. They still came with warranties.

    I guess it comes down to timing? Be in the right place at the right time.

  2. Default Re: Warranty on Winston rods?

    Joni, that is why we fish fiberglass! Hell, if it breaks, spend another $100 or so on another rod. As far as warranty on Scott rods goes, it is only the original owner. Winston rods, regardless if you have a warranty card or not, you have to have purchased it from a Winston dealer otherwise, no warranty, and Sage, they are more flexible than the other two, but their rods are not as good IMO.

  3. Default Re: Warranty on Winston rods?

    Right ON!

  4. Red face Re: Warranty on Winston rods?

    Quote Originally Posted by OldMan View Post
    I'm sorry but Winston won't. Even if the rod has a warranty card it won't be honored by Winston if you can't prove you bought it from an authorized dealer.

    Sometimes you'll find a Winston on ebay that is new from a dealer at a good price. It could have been used for a demo, or maybe they just want to move it out. In that case it could have a warranty, but they usually bring top dollar.
    I just had to send in an old Sage 590 RPL and a Winston 586 3 piece IM6 for repair as my SIL broke the tips off those rods and one old bamboo rod that was refinished by a cusom rod maker. He was just mean (SIL)

    To cut to the chase. Winston may quote this, and; then you get a call. It may be slmost 300 % more.

  5. Default Re: Warranty on Winston rods?

    Winston will not honor a warranty to even the original owner if the rod has a SN under 45000. My IM6 855-3 cost 150 bucks for the tippet section replacement of a three piece rod plus 70 bucks for shipping and insurance. The rod was shipped back via UPS. The SN is 41542. The rod was missing from the UPS shipping tube. After filing a police report, UPS report, UPS picked up the empty shipping tube. The UPS driver, who picked up the rod said items fall out of these tubes all the time, etc. Winston stated we will send you a new rod.

    The Winston was custom ordered by me from an authorized dealer. I registered it. A new WT 855 will satisfy me, but; I doubt I will get a birdseye maple reel seat.

    The advice above on checking with manufacturers is sound. Sage charged 50 bucks for an older rod I bought from the same dealer.

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