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    Default Leaders and Tippet Material

    Many of you have answered some of my dumb questions in the past concerning equipment and such. I thank you. I've learned alot. Those of you who have graced my threads with opinions find, like most of us, I'm on a budget (of sorts) whereas I have to get the best value without sacrificing quality. Isn't that what everyone wants, right?

    So, with that being said, I've read in numerous texts and magazines that it is not a good idea to mix manufacturer's of tippet materials and leaders. I've got a line on some real decent deals on tippet materials and leaders, but they are made by different manufacturer's. So, I have two (2) questions:

    1) what is your experience with mixing different manufacturer's tippets and leaders?

    2) What is your opinion of Cabelas Prestige leaders?
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    The only stupid question is the one not asked. Keep it coming.
    I've never used Cabela's leaders so I don't know about that.
    I have used mix and match leader tippets. Never had a problem except maybe the tippet not turning over quite right. But that can be a problem even with matched leader/tippet. In the past I've mostly used Rio leaders with Rio tippet, Orvis tippet, Cortland tippet and I bought a 100 yard spool of Stren flourocarbon 4 lb test fishing line that I use as 5X tippet for nymphing.
    Joni was kind enough to send me a couple of her furled leaders and I've been using them exclusively of late with all of the above tippet. Still waiting on the Kathy Scott DVD on making your own furled leaders so I can start doing that. The furled leaders turn over like a dream. I cast a 26 trico on 7x tippet tied to the furled leader and it drifted to the surface like a feather.

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    Default Re: Leaders and Tippet Material


    I mix quite a bit and think that as long as you tie good knots and seat them well (lubricated with spit), you should be fine. Many of the "store brand" labelled lines are made in the same factories as some of the "tippet brands" I'd imagine, perhaps to slightly different specs. That being said you can occasionally get a bad batch of any tippet-- perhaps from sitting in sunlight for a long time in a shop, so I would test a short piece right off the spool (no knots) to see if it snaps too easily and pitch it if it does, but that's not a brand issue.

    Since the suppleness, breaking strength, and abrasion resistance can differ among brands, I look for supple stuff like Frog Hair, Rio or Puglisi (if you can find it) for really light 7x stuff, and the strongest lb breaking strength I can find in 0x or 1x for throwing streamers. In between I've been using some different stuff for tippet Rio and Frog hair mostly since that's what i tend to find in shops around here when i run out. For heavier sections further up on the leader which i rarely need to replace I think I'm still working on some Orvis spools from last year. SW I just use mono soft Mason for butt, Ande mono for mid section and tippet and mono hard mason shock.

    I haven't used the Cabelas and am not sure who makes it. Maybe Dai-riki? But i would certainly try it if you got a good deal and you don't hear any horror stories from other folks on the board. Especially if you're looking at 2-5X range and it has a reasonable breaking strength for its X size. 6x and smaller might be a bit more critical in terms of suppleness/strength so I'd probably be more critical when shopping around.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Re: Leaders and Tippet Material

    I am finishing my outfits for a 4 wt (with nothing but a rod and reel) and my 5 wt. The 5wt has some sort of Dacron backing, Cortland 444 Clear water WF5F and some generic leader that the vendor put on. I only use it for practicing.

    Now, I got the following:

    WF4F - Orvis Green Mountain - $7.99
    A set of Orvis Green Moutain tippet material - 12 spools (3X thru 6X, 3 spools of each, 30m per spool) - $6.99
    Big Y Fly Leaders - 2/pack in 4X thru 6X - $2.75 each

    I also picked up fifty-four (54) assorted dry flies for about $20 and a set of eighteen (18) terrestrials for $12.50 shipped.

    It makes me sound cheap, but I really want to get out there with this new 4wt and practice on some panfish in a few local areas. I want some practice on the water in situations where it doesn't mean too much (loosing a sunfish or bluegill won't disappoint me as much as loosing a 3 or 4lb rainbow) before I hit the trout streams later this fall.

    I plan on getting a spare spool for the 5wt and put on a different flyline.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: Leaders and Tippet Material

    It sounds like you did very well. Your leaders should last a long time, I'd probably start with a leader tapered to 5x on the 4 wt and just add a 2' length of tippet in either 5x or 6x since you'll probably be throwing smaller flies with it.

    For the 5 wt outfit I'd probably go with a 4x leader to the fly line and a short section of either 4x or 5x tippet if you were also going to be mostly throwing dries with it.

    As you probably already know, you can figure out the X size tippet to use based on the size of the fly, where hook size divided by 3 = X tippet. So a size 12 fly divided by 3 = 4x tippet. Size 18 use 6x, 16 gets 5x, 14 gets 5 or 4x etc. Not too critical with panfish, you can get away with using heavier stuff, but for trout where you're more concerned about presentation and drag, it's a bit more important.

    If you're happy with your 5 wt wf floating line, you might want to consider putting a 5wt wf sink tip on your spare spool to be able to cover different water depths. It can be deadly with a streamer in pools, ponds and lakes for trout and bass.

    Sounds like you got a good deal, and a fine assortment of flies. You might want to add some dry fly floatant (about $2-3 for paste type DAB or Gink stuff, or liquid bottles where you plop the fly in and shake.)

    Good luck. Looking forward to a trip report.


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    What? No kitchen sink? You got the Mother Lode there my friend...go for it.
    As far as matching materials...I don't think it matters. I use regular P-Line fluoro for tippet material and either furled leaders or Frog problem. But then I have never had a problem combining Fluoro to Mono either.

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    Default Re: Leaders and Tippet Material

    The only problem I have with the WF5F line I already have is the color: it's a dark green. It might be hard to see in some of riffles where I chase trout.

    I have floatant, leader straightener and such already. Believe me, I've read on this subject exhaustively. Must be a sign of aging...errr, maturing. I research the dog poo out of stuff like this.

    Peregrines, that's a good idea about the sinking line. I don't have any streamers as of yet, but I've been reading on the subject. My ultimate goal is to do some saltwater flats fishing, but that's a long way off.

    I'll give a trip report when I get a chance to go. I was planning on this weekend, but I'll be gone. There is never a dull moment around here.

    I tried the kitchen sink once....even the smallest one wouldn't fit in my backpack...and it was heavy as heck, too!
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: Leaders and Tippet Material

    Based upon Joni's recommendations, I've been using furled leaders and flouro tippet for a while now. I've been pretty happy with the way it casts and the way it fishes. It's not exactly what you'd call "matched" material. I will use anything from 4x to 7x on the same furled leader without any visible ill effects.

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    Hi Axle, I have used Cabelas Tapered leaders and added a larger butt section and a longer tippet,I used P-Line Flora and never had a problem with the different materials,if your knots are good that is what counts,as far as your dark green line is concerned,Cabelas makes a light weight strike indicator,one side Flor yellow the other side Flor red,it is made from foam and is slotted,you can install it anywhere on your leader after your fly is tied on,inside it has a rubber band insert,all you do is line up the slots and twist the the ends which locks it to your leader,easy to install and easy to remove,I install them on the end of my line where my leader butt connects just past the nail knot.the slightest touch on your fly,dry,wet,streamer,nymph the indicator will twitch. I hopes this helps.

    have a good and safe day.

    Wayne Valley Fire Service,Valley Springs Calif.

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    Default Re: Leaders and Tippet Material

    Thanx for the input. Another thing I picked up from my instructor is this:

    He places a small 2-3" section of Amnesia (20lb) between the fly line and the leader. He ties it to the fly line with a nail knot and leaves it there permanently. Then he ties a perfection loop (which I really like) and connects leaders to that. A permanent indicator.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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