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Thread: Smallmouth

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    I just got back from Big Lake In Grand Lake Streams Maine & what a trip. I slow trolled with small yellow poppers & had a blast. Fishing was so good I even took a few afternoons off from fishing to take some hikes & bond with the missus (who doesn't fish). For the fish in deeper water I used either a cone head muddler, woolly bugger or a worm fly. The lake isn't that deep & there are a lot of fairly shallow areas so sink tip line worked fine.
    I went up to the Dam pool one evening & picked up 2 salmon on a Barnes Special. There were a lot of caddis around & I figured to wait till just after dark to see if there was any dry fly work, Then the bats came out. Holy s*@t there must have been a hundred of them & after them picking up my fly & hitting my line a few times, & flitting around my face I left the river & the caddis to them.
    When I got back home the letter from Chrysler about my Jeep Patriot burning was waiting for me. Chrysler denied any responsibility & would not even give me a copy of their investigators report & the agent was rude & arrogant. At least my insurance comp.totaled the car & paid off the lease so I'm only out the money I put down to keep the payments where my daughter could afford them. I am getting a lawyer to try & settle that. I'm selling my other jeep & will never step foot in a Chrysler showroom again. What a way to end a great vacaton.

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    Sounds like a great trip.
    Bummer on the Jeep...
    Dave Watts

    To me, the journey of learning is almost more fun than arriving at the destination of knowing.

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    Sorry to hear about the jeep. I'm glad to hear the fishing was great.

    I sent you a PM on the jeep.

    Good luck!


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