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Thread: Aussie Visiting Texas

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    Default Aussie Visiting Texas

    I guy,s I am a brand new member and wanted to find out about the fishing in Texas as I am coming over from Australia in 3 weeks. I saw they had some bad weather down there and was wondering if the fishing is going to be OK.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What part of Texas are you visiting???

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    Default Re: Aussie Visiting Texas

    Hi reckless,

    Welcome to the forum. Texas is a big place and weather in one place may not bother where you are. Are you going saltwater fishing or Bass fishing? As Steve pointed out we really need to know where you will be fishing.

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    Re: Aussie Visiting Texas

    Thanks guy,s. I will be landing in Fort Worth on the 27th and staying there for just one night, then the road is our home for a couple of weeks so I would really like to get in some fresh and salt fishing. But my preferance would be fresh. I will probably bring a 5 or 6wt set up (will this be OK?) and I was just planning to visit some tackle shops and maybe get a guide or two. So to sum up I guess we are not locked in to any specific plan so far (until the finance minister starts shopping) I would also like to get in a rodeo or two.Thanks again any advice would be appriciated.

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    5 and 6 wt should be fine for freshwater....You won't find much trout fishing...but lots of Bass...the 6 wt should work for that...the 5 wt for pan fish. You didn't indicate where you wanted to travel to....but I would suggest if you want to eventually hit salt water....that a trip through the Hill Country would do you just right...a pretty trip, lots of stuff to see and some decent rivers....Try to fish the Guadalupe, Perdanales, Llano and maybe even the Frio further south. Steve at The Full Creel should be able to give you good advise....and one of the regulars on this forum Big Cliff is now in San Antonio and should be able to update you on local fishing conditions around San Antonio and the Lower Hill Country. It's Hot here so bring plenty of sun screen

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