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    I am new here. I found this great site looking for a fly pattern on the web. I got into tying about 5 years ago. Basically it is an addiction that keeps me sane. I have been fly fishing for about 10 years. Any day fly fishing is a good day!!


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    Hi Judy,

    Welcome to the forum. We have some really good lady tiers and they are very happy to share information. We are just finishing a fly swap, maybe you can get into the next one.


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    Welcome, Judy. I know what you mean about addiction. Right now I'm fly tying again and it's costing me time and money as I invest in a new vice, new materials I haven't used before, new books on new patterns, etc. I love it though and seem to be obsessed (at least that's what my wife calls it) with tying and fishing. I got home a bit late the other day from a morning on the river and...well my other half wasn't too pleased as we have only one car. Welcome to the forum and post away- it's a great place to hang out when not actually on the water or at the bench.

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