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    Default Simplicity redux

    In response to an active thread on Simplicity and fly fishing

    I for one, love the 'science' and complexity of fly-fishing. I love the 'nuance' of rod-flex/Line wt, the variables with respect to fly presentation, and the myriad complexities involved with aquatic insect entomology. As a recently retired physician, I find the intellectual stimulation, and the 'vagaries' of the fly fishing complexities stimulating, and exciting. Learning a myriad of knots, understanding stream/river biology & technology, fish/bug behavior...Truly a stimulating environment for me. No let down from Medical conferences, or journals. I love it. I appreciate those who seek a 'simpler life', but for me (and those like me).. the science of fly fishing is as stimulating as the 'art' of fly fishing. And I just love it!

    (Just another perspective. This 'sport' has something for everyone)


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    Default Re: Simplicity redux

    My fishin' partner and I used to fish a certain beach every other Friday night (from about 6pm-2am) for what resulted in being there for the same stage of the tide each and every outing for months in a season and for a number of years over all.
    You might think that the only real difference each night was the passage of the seasons and the phases of the moon but each night was still unique

    Every night on the walk out, the topic of discussion wasn't "how many did you catch?", but "what did you learn tonight?"

    When you look at it like that over that number of sessions and purposely remembering and recanting what you learned, you actually pick up quite a bit.
    Especially when out there pondering in the dark, you kinda get in tune with your gear and the environment.

    That's knowledge that you pick up from actual "time on the water" and there's no substitute for it.
    I suppose that you could call it science if you want, but that "time on the water" experience just makes it all a lot simpler
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    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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