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    Thanks I learned a lot from this discussion on wooly buggers. When i use them
    with a 4wt rod , they don't fly to good on the cast. Should i be using a 5Wt to cast buggers. I use a floating line 9'leader 2' of tippit. Then i use some lead near the wooly. I also use a indi. Do you thnk this is a good set up or should i shorten the leader, I'm new to fishing buggers.

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    You can get away with the 4wt I'll use a 3 sometimes. Shorten the leader a bit and water load the rod as others have said. When starting out dump a bunch of line off the reel and let it drift down past you and when you have enough out to make the cast fire away! Let it tumble down past you again and repeat. I would lose the indy so you get a better swing at the end of the drift, but thats a matter of personal preferance.
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    Default Re: Wooly Bugger help

    Buggers are ubiquitous!
    To me there are three weights.
    The difficult to cast cone-head, the neutral/unweighted, and my foam core specials.
    I like the "presentation" of the later, and use some shot and a sinking line to get it down.
    Size #6, is fishiest, but I prefer to hunt biggie piggy, so a #2 is my favorite.
    Fewer grabs on the #2 (maybe only one a day), but "better" results.

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